Toa Helryx (Canon Contest #1 : The First)

Hey everyone, so this is my first post on the boards and what a time it is to post. This is my crack at Toa Helryx, I went for a more traditional look and tried to keep the design somewhat simple as to resemble a standard release set.

The goal was to keep the moc looking slim and agile as the character is described as appearing.

Armor being one that isn’t common since Takanuva himself had not seen anything like it. Meaning I couldn’t use standard inika armor.

Here are some breakdown pics for this Helryx:

The Protosteel spiked mace and shield that she uses during battles.

Size comparison with the bois for fun.

That about wraps up this entry but I’m glad I could share it with the community. I’ve been a collector and fanatic of the Bionicle franchise since 01 but never contributed until I started posting my collection online late last year so when it came to my attention that these canon contests were being held I had to participate. Hope you all enjoyed! And if not feel free to comment below I’d like to hear your opinions!


Remember to share a link to this in the contest topic! It’s a really cool entry and it would be a shame if it wasn’t submitted officially. :wink:

This is a simpler build than some of the really crazy entries that have shown up, but I actually like it a lot more than some of the “over-complex” designs. She looks great in that shot next to Jaller and Axonn, and I can totally see her next to official sets without being strikingly different.

The figure’s shape definitely fits the description - the simple tricks you’ve used on the legs and torso are quite effective. She looks like a weary, but still combat-ready, Toa of water. Although height is not a crucial factor for a winning entry, I have to mention it because here it is perfect.

The armour build is a really cool blend of originality and bionicle-ness; I especially like the tubing, and the small pieces it’s connected to. Colour-scheme is good too.

I especially like that you’ve gone for a mace-on-a-chain build, I actually expected to see more of those (rather than a bunch of spiked staves). It’s a clever construction and looks like a cool, unique weapon distinct from others we’ve seen in the series.

The actual construction of the head of the mace, as well as the shield, are probably my only points of contention - they have a bit of a “cobbled together” look to them that I’m not sure befits Helryx’s status. But that’s a very minor point, and I’d actually rank this up there with some of the best builds so far. Well done, and good luck.

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Thank you for the link reminder and your input! I appreciate the points made in your reply.:smiley:

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I love the design of the torso, the entire moc has a great silhouette, nice use of vhisola’s mask!

best of luck!


I quite like this entry, it’s close to being my favorite. I like the shaping in general on the MOC, the balance between a severely battle-worn yet formidable opponent is conveyed quite well, I think. I also like the morningstar-style take on the weapon, as well as it’s design in general. Overall a wonderful MOC, best of luck!


Thanks! I figured the mask isn’t commonly used for mocs but this could be the one:joy:

I tried to do her some justice, I’m glad it’s being conveyed! :slight_smile:

This looks so good, simple and elegant!
Clever design for the mace/flail, never would have thought of that!

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The weapon is just MASSIVELY cool!!

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