Toa Helryx: Leader of the OoMN Cannon Contest #1 (The First) (Updated)

Here she is, my version of Helryx, first Toa of the order.

Action shots:


The mask was designed to look a bit primitive compared to others, bulky, with the top extension almost being like a brainstock extension for the psychic nature of its ability.


Thanks for looking through this topic! Good luck other contestants!

Please leave comments and criticisms!


The mask is kinda eh to say at least IMO.

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That’s the bit that’s not going to be canon, though. :wink:


Yeah, the mask is a placeholder contest wise, but I wanted to give some idea towards what it could resemble. I do have plenty of alternative masks.
I also wanted to use my modified ignika build to fit with other early universe characters, ie: hydraxon and lesovik. Though a metru build could have worked better, maybe… and the metru build can be thin…
And I don’t think Takanuva ever encountered any Toa metru looking Toa… but then again, their description could have been given to him by the turaga…
Oh yeah, I just made some slight alterations to her design.