Toa Helryx, Leader of the Order ("The First" Contest Entry)

This is my entry for the Helryx contest. I chose her to be a Metru build, because chronologically, Takanuva never met with a Toa Metru-styled Toa, as the Visorak destroyed all the statues of Lhikan, so he couldn’t recognize one.

I know, the shield may be a bit too large, but I can make you sure she can hold it pretty well, and even if it seems a bit messy, everything about this moc was made by legal techniques. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Overall I like the MOC, but the torso is way too long, I feel. I’m really liking the design for the tower shield (inasmuch as a tower shield could exist in Bionicle), although the mace is a little small in comparison. Overall great work!


Thanks, I thought that the shield would be more prominent, I always liked Nuparu Mahri large shield, so why couldn’t Helryx have one? And I tried to make the Metru torso to be a bit more custom, but still in scale with her body proportions. And she was shown to be more powerful with her elemental powers than in combat, as least we never saw her using her mace as a weapon, just to control the seas over the Dark Hunter ships. Not even when she fought against Tuyet.


I love seeing a build similar to toa iruni and norik, I love the color scheme, Gali’s mistika mask looks good!


Good job on building on her, and bonus points for using Kaukau Mistika for her mask.

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That shield looks awesome!

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I wasn’t even sure that I could have a chance on the contest, so I’m so glad that you like it, even if I lose :smiley:

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Too large? Some of these entries are basically Titans. This one looks great! Good work


Can you give a source on this? As near as I can tell, Toa Statues existed in Metru Nui until Ahkmou had them removed in Reign of Shadows. [Source for that.]

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A few people have made very technically “standard” (as in, no fancy techniques or stuff, like out-of-canister) style builds as entries. Most of the time this seems to out of lack of inspiration or such like.

This, on the other hand, is how to do something like that right.

You’ve used just enough unusual pieces and techniques in the main build to make it unique, but still keeping it ultimately within a certain style. The height and proportions are fantastic, and I’m loving the shoulder armour (knights kingdom, is that? I don’t recognize it).

Those weapons are amazing. I love the shield and how absurdly large it is, as well as it’s unique silhouette (and I’m only just now spotting the Visorak mandibles you’ve used!). The spiked mace looks like an actual mace, as opposed to, say, a club (which some other builds seem to have gone for).

The figure is perfect - captures the proportions of a “frail warrior” very nicely. I can totally see her weary and exhausted, and yet I can also see her going berserk in combat, which I think are the two ways any MOC of Helryx needs to be able to be visuallised.

Out of every entry, this is the closest to how I would have imagined the character, but more importantly, it also ticks every box that a Helryx ought to tick. I can’t fault this design, and the only competition it has in my eyes is other builds of equally flawless attention to detail. I can see her standing next to Axonn and Brutaka, or the Toa Mata, without any issues at all in my mind.

Very well done.

(P.S. Clever to use such a universally disliked mask design for the one that will eventually get replaced by the art contest, although in all honesty it suits her better than the original Gali Mistika!)

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It seems logical to me I guess. The Great Cataclysm already wrecked the city and the Visorak just made it worse, I don’t think any statutes managed to stand long enough without maintenace for the Matoran to see them again. And keep in mind that Toa Matoro was given a statue only a few days before Ahkmou removed every other. It’s kind of safe to assume that the Matoran made statues to the Toa Mata and Takanuva already, maybe for the other Toa Mahri too, which have gotten ultimately been removed by Ahkmou during the RoS.

Thank you so much, and yes, they are Knights’ Kingdom armors, they came with Sir Jayko if I’m right. The ball joint and the liftarms are essential for the armor to keep it in place, because without them it wouldn’t be stay in place. The visorak pincers were originally both in the front of the shield, woth a bit different position, but it seemed a bit illegal, as the top of the blades were “hindered” by the mistika wing/shield pieces. The pincers are there basically only for the shaping of the shied, without them I felt that the it was a bit empty.


OK, but in the source I provided (#17), Greg mentioned the Matoran didn’t really have time for art for art’s sake, so I think Matoro’s statue was very much the exception rather than the rule.

Also, given that the Inika recognized Toa Lhikan in the seven hundred and seventy-seven stairs to the Mask of Life, I’d have to assume some statues of the Toa Mangai still existed in Metru Nui, even if not all of them.

No, they recognized him from the Turaga’s tales, and that’s literally written in the book.

Lhikan’s Great Hau doesn’t look like Jaller’s Noble Hau. They’d have to have some kind of visual reference to know it was him, otherwise it’s just a Red-and-Gold Toa with a Shield and Mask they don’t recognize, which doesn’t automatically mean Lhikan, or even really imply him.

Or, if the Turaga somehow gave a visual description of him that was detailed enough for the Inika to recognize him on site despite never seeing him, Takanuva would have recognized similar shapes in Helryx, if she had them. It just really seems like Helryx can’t have used a Toa Metru body.

Your reply also sidesteps the Greg paraphrase I included, which, when combined with Ahkmou’s actions, implies that some statues were indeed left from the Great Cataclysm and Visorak invasion.

Still my Helryx doesn’t exactly same as a Toa Metru. More likely a Toa Hagah, but nothing, except the torso under the armors is the same as a Metru :slight_smile: and the face that you ignored the paragraph from the book seems illogical to me. If the book says they recognised him from the tales, they recognised from him from the tales. You don’t have to like my moc, just accept the fact that it doesn’t contradict with anything

I love that massive, detailed shield.
my only other comment is that the sheild just doesent quite seem to fit helryx. another character? maybe. helryx? not quite.
but hey, thats just my opinion

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Well, it’s personal opinion, and it was never mentioned if she has a small or a large shield, only that she has one. And to me it makes sense. She’s powerful with her element, the larger shield just help her defend herself while she’s using her powers.

that is an interesting way to put it. I’ve never thought about it that way before!
I might sometime try to build that sheild for one of my MOCs if thats alright.

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Of course it’s alright :smile:

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Few things:

  1. That mace is amazing
  2. I love your username, I clicked on the post because of that. Always cool to play tribute to a niche character, as a dark hunter fan, with surel being as-if-not-more insignificant.
  3. The build looks good, not how I would imagine her personally, but as a build and especially for a metru build, it looks pretty cool.
  4. Only thing I don’t like is the sheild, it looks too big and clunky
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