Toa Helryx, The Leader of the Order herself (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First)

Her build is inspired on the Mahritoran, Kiina, Pridak and sort of Trinuma because of the mask i gave her. Trinuma’s adaptive Hau became a Mask of Charisma just by attaching horns on the back of his head so i thought that by using an adaptive Kaukau and attaching like what’s supposed to be hair or a crown (idk), a light bulb on her left eye and a tube on her right waffle eye that would make her a Mask of Psychometry. I hope everyone likes her🙂 i don’t count with any 3D printers, CCBS or enough useful pieces to make her more overly epic so i did what i could.

Upper torso





Mace, Armor and Shield

Lower torso



Looks very interesting! I like how the mace is stylistically reminiscent of Krakua’s tool :slight_smile: However, shouldn’t you post the title of the contest within your topic title? :smiley:

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I’ll do that if that’s required then

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