Toa Ignika moc

My take on the classic Toa Ignika. I did revers the colors and build his board.
I went with more armor, and a thornax launcher


So, it launches arthropod body parts?


No sorry thornax launcher but that would be cool launching spider parts.


It’s very basic, a standard 2015 build missing a chest, and with a color scheme of gold gunmetal silver and keetorange.

Also, protip: you see how you attached the shells to the lower arms? Never again. It looks awful.

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I use the bottom shells to provide spikes under the wrist for a simple defense measure.

Interesting concept, but I feel it’s not too much of an improvement over the original.

Honestly I built it similar to the original on purpose. I liked the charater and only wanted to make some improvements and use the new armor system to make my own since I never got the chance to get him.

I like it, the thing that obviously sticks out is the Ignika mask itself but y’know, not everyone can get their hands on the Titan Toa Mata Nui Ignika. The forearms look a bit weird with their fronts being exposed and the chest armor seems slightly meek because of how the armor right around it is built up, so it could use some edits there. But the whole thing in general makes a nice revamp.

Thanks I used the regular glatorian mask my friend gave me not the titan

Overall a pretty decent moc. My one complaint is that the mask is a different color than the armor but that’s being picky. Good job. :slight_smile:

Thanks I go not want to paint my prices and there are no gold ignika I have. My friend gave me that mask since he had two glatorian sets.