Toa Iylen MOC Artwork


This is a piece of art I have done of my Bionicle Toa MOC Team the Toa Iylen. The designs are not ones I am sticking to as the second piece I am posting will show. The members of this team are Rayda Toa of Water, Atir Toa of Ice, Catten Toa of Fire, Kala Toa of Air, Xiar Toa of Earth, and Feyra Toa of Stone.

I am working on this piece of two members of a Toa Team I made called the Toa Iylen.
This is Kala the Toa Iylen of Air and Atir Toa Iylen of Ice.
I still have to add a few details in, but it’s coming out well so far. These are closer to the design I am sticking with, though when I add more detail to this piece it will be more akin to the design.


I actually find these quite impressive, I love your overall style! Out of curiosity, do you have any of them in MOC form yet? Although I guess that would be a little difficult considering all the custom masks. :smile:

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Yes, though a few of the masks are ones I came up with. Atir’s mask is the Mask of Empathy for example, I instead used Galvanized’s Adaptive Akaku since it looked close to the design.

There is also Feyra’s mask which is the Mask of Echoes which I used an adaptive Pakari.
I used and parts from the Galvan Pack to make the models that I used as references. The builds were made by me.
I want to get into 3d modeling at some point to make the two masks I imagined.



I’ve seen a lot of Bionicle art over the years, and I quite like your style. They seem a lot more organic and so, individual, in the drawing. The model renderings are amazing, as well, although I’d be totally out of my depth to comment further on those. Reminds me of the Toa Metru, though, and you can never go wrong there :heart_eyes:

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