Toa Jai-Lu: MOC

The female Toa of Fire/Heat in my current toa team. This is only the second female MOC that I've ever made, or at least beyond when I was really young and would just build something simple and say "It's female."

She's supposed to have a slight body building/man-ish look to her, which is explained briefly in her YT bio:

I was originally building a male, but then I changed my mind mid-way and just went with it, so that's why.

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I like it, but her torso is too thin, and her head is too big.


Yeah the head doesn't really fit, but it was the only thing that I thought fit the color scheme, without being too off looking. Thanks for the input, and maybe I'll experiment w/ other masks. smile

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Like @Sidorak said, the torso seems extremeley skinny (though the Ignika certainly doesn't help). In addition, the upper arms look a bit messy. Exposed sockets are never good.

Hope this helps smiley