Toa Jovan Revamp

A revamp of the combo model from 2006 I whipped up a Reddit contest.

More images here


It looks pretty cool! I like his chest construction.

I actually like how you went for Metru red and blue to indicate he’s a Toa of Magnetism rather than going for the brighter Mata equivalents. It’s a lot more subtle that way and it helps him look more coherent. I also really dig the crossbow cannon.


Awesome. I like how you integrated the extra colors.

The build seems somewhat “modern” despite the lack of CCBS pieces.
The split dark blue/dark red looks well and the weapons are promising-

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Nice! I like how the proportions and weapons are do similar to the original.

I like that Jovan has somewhat more of a character here than his official combiner. The added emphasis on the shoulders, the Metru red and blue paying credence to the magnetism motif, and the armorment all make him feel a lot more unique. The design of his Magnetic Bolt Launcher also looks less goofy.

Simple build, but easily distinguishable as his own character.

Even though the core of the build is mainly an Inika build, everything still looks really good.
And you managed to capture the feel of the original very well.

Nice, but he really resembles Nuparu more than Jovan (needs more cannabalized parts).

Oh nice, finally he doesnt look like a blatant copy of Nuparu.

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Much better than the original

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