Toa Kaita G2!

I finished these about a week ago, both are based on the animated designs.

Has Lewa's mask because old Wariuha had it. It's supposed to have Kopaka's lower legs, but I didn't draw them quite right.

Has Tahu's mask because the old Akamai had it as well. It's kinda hard to NOT use Onua's traits more, especially being more noticeable than other parts. I kinda screwed up on the head and shoulders. Since Onua's more noticeable, let me point out the chest plate is Tahu's, upper arms and legs are Pohatu's. All hands are Gali hands, cause they're the easiest to draw.

So that's my interpretation of G2 Kaita models if they become a thing.


They look really nice! I can definitely see the inspiration from the animations.


I think you've captured the style quite well. However, yeah, Akamai looks slightly awkward.

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Very noice.

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These are pretty nice, and pretty close to the animation style. Hopefully someone will use these designs as inspiration to make Kaita from the sets.

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I was actually going to do that!

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I like the design! Both are great, and you did it really well smiley Good job!

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As was I.

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Overall really good, except the face on Wairuha looks a little squashed, and the feet on both look to be at weird angles.

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I've been planning to make physical gen 2 Kaita since we knew it was going to be the Mata, so it's pretty cool to see "animated style" interpretations. I'd kind of like to see these in color...


You don't want to see that, trust me.

these are great!

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