Toa Karda And Co

So in 2009 I created my own Toa team featuring all of the matoran in the Karda Nui line. Fast forward six years and after having to rebuild them and dropping Vican from the list, I have finished. I created the Toa Karda team V.2 algong with all of their allies and enemies

Actual Team:

Photok: Toa of Stone (The Leader):

Tanma: Toa of Air:

Solek: Toa of Ice:

Mazeka: Toa of Ice:

Kirop: Toa of Earth:

Gavla: Toa of Water:

Radiak: Toa of Fire:

Vultraz: Toa of Fire:

Onuma: Toa of Earth: V.2 a Toa warlord from a toa team that has long since broken up and disappeared. He guards the Maze Gate, which separates the villages from the rest of Spherus Magna.
V.1: He became a toa along with everyone else and was Tanma's brother.

Silvana: Toa of Iron: V.2: One of the last two surviving members (other than Lesovikk) of the Toa Cordak. He lives in a castle in the White Quartz Mountains.
V.1: became a Toa along with everyone else, is a great warrior who trained several matoran armies.

Nurak: Toa of Plasma: part of a two man Toa team with Inumi.

Inumi: Toa of Plant Life (The Green): part of a two man Toa team with Nurak.

Mahrok: Matoran of Plant Life:

Dezar: Toa of Stone: The only other surviving member of Onuma's original team.


Mahu: V.2: He comes from the same dimension of alternate Teridax and is here to hunt down Mazeka and Vultraz.
V.1 Was part of the Toa Karda as the Toa of Dynamite but went rogue and tried to destroy them

Kurar: Kurar comes from the same dimension as alternate Teridax. He and Mahu came to hunt down Mazeka and Vultraz

So let me know what you guys think of these figures. I'm sorry but I don't have any V.1 pictures of any of the characters that were in V.1. Enjoy.


Pretty standard builds, but I love Solek's concept of wielding double ice axes. Lewa ain't got nothin' on him.


do you mean Tanma cause there's no Lewa.

Also I for got to mention. The Matoran of light in the story all have Midak Skyblasters, while all of the shadow matoran in the story have cordak blasters

Oh and Photok, Tanma, and Solek can fly while everyone else can't

Oh no no, I was making a joke. You know...because Lewa 2015 also has twin axes...

I LOVE the concept (thinking of making my own), but these could've been executed better.

My rating: 5/10

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OOOOOhhhhhhh. now that makes sense. lol

@HewkiiDaKohliiHead how could they have been excecuted better because as far as i know, no one has read my fan fic yet and i'm only on page 7 stuck_out_tongue
but seriously though. what could be made better

The builds could've been executed better IMO.

how though. could things have been added, taken away?

PLEASE TELL ME I can't read your mind

I'd say that some are better than others.

But as they are, I recommend that you watch your colorschemes; they're kind of messy. Another thing is that you want to make it so the armor... Flows. In bionicle, anatomy means very little, but it's generally better to look at least somewhat anatomically correct for the sake of aesthetics. For instance, you did it better on Vultraz than on Photok.

Lastly, shouldn't Kirop be the team leader? He was kind of the leader of the Av-Matoran in Karda Nui...


Photok was the first Toa I made that's why he's the leader. Actually it's funny cause the second Toa I made WAS Kirop lol. But okay. luckily I didn't put V.1 Mazeka in there or everybody would be yelling at me. (does red, blue, white, black, and green work for a Toa of ice?)

No. TBH, most of these either have flawed colors, design, or both. The average of my ratings for all of them comes out to a 4/10, some higher, some lower.


They look a bit jumbled but I like the concept. there are some good ones and then there are some ok ones.

"Ive made them in 2009"

I can see alot of CCBS pieces, tho it was relised in 2011 stuck_out_tongue
Anyways after things ive seen, i would say A+ for idea and B fir execution! I home you will remake them since.. its 2015! grin

he did these were made in 2015

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Should't Photok , Tanma and Solek be toa of light?


Their elemental powers are bound with Light, like the Inika with electricity. We had a discussion about this on an old topic of mine.

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That quote was meant as a joke.
but here are all of the color schemes for each character:

Photok: Sand Yellow, Orange (His Mask), Silver and Grey. Seems like a typical color scheme to me

Tanma: Green and gold

Solek: White, blue, silver

Mazeka: White, grey. He has a gold armor piece because he became a toa in another dimension; he was "branded"

Kirop: black and silver

Gavla: varying shades of blue, and silver, with a hint of black

Radiak: Red and orange. (I used Ackar's body)

Vultraz: Dark red. (he was also made a toa in another dimension so he has a silver armor piece

Onuma: Black and silver, and blue (I couldn't find the black pieces to replace the blue pieces)

Silvana: typical Toa of iron color scheme, silver and grey

Nurak: toa of plasma have the color scheme of red, orange, and yellow (according to the wikia) so that's what I went with, with some extra silver

Inumi: according to the wikia toa of the green have a green and blue color scheme so I went with that

Mahrok: I made him for the lols so color scheme didn't matter for me on that one

Dezar, I was running out of pieces (and hands) so I tried my best to show he was a toa of stone so I understand if it seems messy.

Mahu. He has a clean color scheme of black, silver, and gold (like the 3 stages of the ignika)

Kurar: white, green, and grey. that was intentional placement.

@Krecek58 They have the regular toa powers but they're intertwined with light (like the toa inika were with lightning)

In all the material I've read, I've never heard the Av-Matoran described in that regard. Their varying colors were explained (at least from what I've heard) as purposeful color changes to act as disguises, similar to how Takua's colors were altered so he'd look like a Ta-Matoran. Their connections to light are supposed to be the equivalent to the connections Ga-Matoran, Ta-Matoran, and such have to their respective elements. So...yeah, technically speaking, @Krecek58 is correct. However, the MOCist has all the creative liberties he wants, so he can craft his own explanation. If we're talking in terms of official canon, though, Tanma, Solek, Photok, Radiak, Gavla, and Kirop should all be Toa of Light.


What both of you said was true but yea that's just my twist on things to mkae things interesting, cause who wants a team of six toa of light plus like 6


Like I said, the MOCist is free to take however many creative liberties he/she likes. I'm just elaborating on the canon, being a no-life nerd and all.