Toa Karda (& Av Matoran)

A new team of Toa comprised of TANMA, PHOTOK, and solek… While they have many similar traits (I.E their chest plates, build style, and wing placement) they have their own individual differences too. They also all have a Av Matoran that can attach to their backs and fly around with them (I decided not to name the Av Matoran I made).


These just look like reskins of the phantoka sets. Some just have new masks and that’s it.

An absolute minimum effort went into these


My attempt at Av Matoran sucks for sure XD. But I didn’t put any effort into them because most of my work went into the Toa and not the Matoran who are only there for the combining function. I DO see what you mean now that I look at solek. He does look a lot like Kopaka XD

The toa look just as minimalistic as the av toran

Most of the time when I build I try to make them simple cuz I actually am not to good at complicated builds… I do appreciate you pointing out how much they look like the Phantoka (Though I do feel as if more of an explanation is needed for Tanma and Photok) but yea… These aren’t my best builds and I do agree… they ARE minimalistic XD

These designs are slightly cruder than the Phantoka sets, the wings are fixed to the arms, whereas Kopaka’s were capable of movement and the others didn’t utilize wings.

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Kongu Mahri mask works suprisingly well on the Av matoran head.