Toa Khamen

Here’s another MoC that I made. Contrary to my other MoCs, I don’t have much of a backstory or reason to have made it. Mostly, I decided to rebuild my bionicle collection. I had Onewa metru in a state that I didn’t like him in (very few missing pieces, but those pieces happen to be the weapons, a foot and his eye piece), so I couldn’t finish him. this bothered me, and when I realized that I don’t have many brown bionicle pieces, and that old brown is a discontinued color in constraction sets I decided to use most of them up. Since I knew blue pins would bother me, I decided to make his secondary color Mata blue. I also used up all the light brown/bronze used in Jaller’s gukko bird (I don’t actually have the set, I don’t know where it comes from). The shield is tan, to match nothing else on the MoC. Well, here he is:

here’s a picture of him from the front:

size+color comparison:


odd design, but alright. Think the thighs and legs are the weakest part of this moc and the chest is very odd, maybe flip it if possible?

I’m gonna call him Geoff.

He looks cool. :smile:

Is that a reference to top gear?


I just think he looks like a Geoff.

Most of my criticisms are what he said

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I really like the medium blue with the brown, but the blue could be more prominent.

The exposed ball joints and pins look really weird and the hordika necks sorta break up the color scheme. As @JMP said, the chest would probably look better flipped.

I know that you want me to flip his chest piece. sadly, he was originally built that way, but he had a beer belly. If I flipped the Hordika head, either he would have beer belly, or he would look really weird, because the face would arrive too far back. Sorry.

lets call him Jeremy then

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Yeah, if I switched his Hordika head chest piece around, he might live up to that name.

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