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#Hello and welcome to the latest episode of Khrazix’s BIONICLE Magazine Reviews.

So basically I was going on a train ride and I was getting food for the journey (Check WHSmith for all British viewers) and I came across this:

So let’s take a look inside:

For this polybag we clearly have the most complex and interesting design known to BIONICLE
On the next page we get some information on the Toa nothing we haven’t seen before but…



Well apparently Lewa can talk to plants and ‘the wind’
######we need some fanart of this

Anyway, continuing:
I’m afraid that the exclusive comic is actually less exclusive as it is just parts
taken from Graphic Novel #1. Not good for new stories but I guess its nice if you want to get a cheap preview…

There’a also a few puzzles if you want…

These are without a doubt the most interesting, complex, challenging and ok I can’t keep this up anymore. The puzzles are a pile of Scorpio Dung.

Also there’s a few masks if you wanna cosplay as a protector I guess…

Did I wear them? You bet I did!

Anyway you also get this pretty awesome poster which is kinda cool.

Anyway last page

October 26th, mark your calenders

#Agil Hype

And finally, the only unique part about the comic
#Diddly Scorpio

It’s quite an interesting set, very unique for the parts it has but overall not very fun.

That awkward moment when you’re a tiny polybag and you have more leg articulation that Skull Scorpio and more tail articulation that Ketar.

###Should you buy this?
The comic is £3.50 (just over $4.50) and honestly I’d say it isn’t worth it. If you randomly come across it in a shop you might wanna pick it up but otherwise the puzzles will not interest youy in any way, shape or form, the comic strips are good, but only because they’re cut from a better Graphic Novel (which you should totally buy) and the poster you can get from anywhere. In the end the only reason you should really buy the comic is for the set, which in my opinion isn’t worth £3.50. However come October 26th I WOULD recommend you buy that comic as the set looks really cool, incorporates well with the Ekimu set, and actually appears to have story relevence if the Journey to
One trailers are anything to go by (which you should also totally watch).

Anyway that was all for
##Khrazix’s BIONICLE Magazine Reviews
Tune in next time some time after October 26th
######If I can be bothered

Anyway, GOODBYE!


how big are those posters in inches/cm?

They’re A3 so… 29.7x42 cm

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Its been a while, but i think in one of the books when they were trapped Lewa sensed the airflow and in the summer animations i think he moved vines - i guess that is what they mean?

I must admit that i disagree slightly - if you haven’t already brought the graphic novel and are interested in getting the graphic novel but are unable to buy it online (given its barely sold in the UK other than online) then i can see the idea of getting this. Its a slightly more widely distributed version of the graphic novel released in instalments with a small set and a few random puzzles and posters.

Though if you already have the graphic novel, spending £3.50 just for the sake of that set might be a bit much for some people. It’ll have a level of collectable value, but its easy to make and not particularly desired by the community or fans given it is unlikely to appear in media. Ekimu’s Falcon however has those aspects going for it - so its worth getting that issue.

I figured Lewa still had powers pertaining to wind.

I’m pretty sure the puzzles are more tailored to the kiddos.

Well it’s all down to your opinion so don’t let me stop you buying it if you really want it

True, everything is just opinions. Didn’t mean to say your viewpoint was incorrect or anything. Just presenting my viewpoint as a counterpoint, hopefully will give people both sides of things i guess

Could someone fill me in on who agil is? I’m completely oblivious to new bionicle news.

Basically he’s a hawk that’s coming out in the next issue that attaches to Ekimu’s arm. Everyone thought he was non-canon but then we saw him in a few journey to one character videos so he obviously has some role in the story.

the next one looks far better

I agree

Hey, if anyone’s still on this topic, the next Issue is out and I reviewed it: