Toa Kongu Mctoran Style


Very, very nice! I especially love the upper arms.

The best Gukko Flyer to ever tree swing in Le Wahi. Very well done. The wings are a great touch.

Nice MOC, but why does e have Gorast’s wings?

The legs are really well done, I think this is the best moc in the series.

Much more accurate to the Matoran form - makes me wish Kongu Inika had a more accurate colour scheme. I really like the use of those Av-Matoran arms in the torso too. My only criticism is the use of the trans-green pieces so close together - would probably look better with opaque pieces instead, or if you added some more of that trans-colour throughout the MOC. Looks great otherwise though!

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I really don’t understand why you threw him those Gorast wings and that weird helmet