Toa Krakua Modded

Side and Back Pictures

The Design

The upper half of the torso uses @CalamitousT’s design while I use a vahki waist for the lower half. The second picture shows how I connected the waist to the torso.

Comparison with other toa


Oh I like it, the matching Visorak-shoulders are a clever choice! He looks solid.

Now I know why you were asking about the Vahki pelvis (I think it was you?) EDIT: Okey doke!

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No that wasn’t me.

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Generally I like it, but it looks kind of awkward. I think if you made it bigger all around it would help.

I never did like the hand-piece as joints technique. Always seemed fragile and I am glad you did away with it.

I like it; the visorak pieces add some nice texturing.

Oh hey I also saw this on r/bioniclelego

Very nice.

I’ll definitely use your revamp when I make krakua.