Toa Kronax V2 (My self Moc)

Reminds me of an old version of Arxtann.

there is only one shade of yellow and orange. its just my crappy laptop camera

Good moc but I recommend checking out the moving how to topic for torso designs. Also different hands look weird

He lost a hand.
######He’s very sensitive about that topic…

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Oh ok sorry nevermind.

just find a part, foot, torso piece, axle, Hordika Neck, etc, some piece to make a base around and see where it takes you

I quite like it!

While the colors are unusual for a Toa of Fire, they do look quite nice!

It’s a very straight foward Inika build, but that doesn’t detract much in my opinion.

My recommendations are to swap out the forearms and silver abdomen armor for something that matches better (even if it has to be a different part). I also think you should swap the left hand for symmetry’s sake.

Currently, you have a great MOC that just needs a little basic tweaking!

I honestly have no Idea what would go there in place of the silver

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So this MOC includes orange, right?


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Perhaps this?

I’m not sure how good the fit would be, but it does look to have a similar fit.

Do those come in orange?

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The picture I showed you is the orange one that comes with Jaller Mahri

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