Toa Kualus (Hagah canon contest)

Here is my entry for the future Hagah canon contests. Feedback and criticism would be much appreciated.


It looks cool, but not very Hagah-ish. I could probably talk about parts of this, but for right now I’ll stick with a general statement.

You’re jumping the gun there my friend lol
We still have to wait for the poll to decide which character will be canonized next but nice to see your enthusiasm!

As for the build itself, I’m pretty sure most people are expecting a metru build for these Hagah contests. It looks bit small for a toa hagah (it might be the camera idk) but otherwise, eh, it’s fine with what you have. Try extending his thighs a bit more for more proportionality. That shield is nice and I’d use it for a character smaller than a toa. Can’t say much about the staff. It’s inoffensive to me. The fabric you have on it looks cool for your moc.

If this were a moc for a any other character I’d be okay with it but as a Toa Hagah, I’m afraid I’ll have to push back against your moc.

If you want to expand on your building style, I’d suggest starting with a base toa metru or inika build, and adding attachments from there as a start. Then maybe you can move onto custom limbs and torsos.

I like the use of the Range Trooper cloth elements.

Looks nice, if only a little bland. Adding a secondary color wouldn’t hurt. Good touch with adding this shield as a callback to the original Toa Hagah.
And yes, of course, the contest isn’t here yet. But judging by the success of the first, more s bound to happen and we’re going to have Hagah contest some day. The photos are not going to go anywhere.