Toa Kuta: Krix and Strog Concepts (LEGO Digital Designer)

So I just got the LDD and decided to make concepts for Krix (Toa Kuta of Frost) and Strog (Toa Kuta of Scorch) from the program.

First is Krix.

Next is Strog.

So what do you think? Just know that I might not take any or all advise because, well, I like it the way it is, but who knows. Also please no 'This don't have chocolate, 0/10 IGN' type of comments.


Seeing as I suck at LDD and have no patience for it, seeing anything this good made in LDD is pretty impressive to me.

Gotta say I really like those custom torsos a lot.

Based off of my experience, LDD is about as hard to manage as trying to remove the eyestock from a Mata head.

When it comes to the MOCs themselves, they look decent. Krix's legs are a bit gappy and Strog's chest seems a bit open, though.


As Rise stated, these are very impressive for things from LDD, It's hard for me to just make a normal HF build!

I give 10/10!

Additional photos with Krix weapon storage and Strog changes.



I really like the Mocs,but dang are the pieces hard to see.

Things made in ldd always look worse to me than if they were real. Probably because they're made of bad CGI and the fact that they're not real.

I don't think it's the modeling, it's more the lighting and FOV that makes it look meh.

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