Toa Kyda in classic bonk form / metru build

This is just a quick mock up of each toa’s colors elements and masks. Will make them using the super amazing mixel metru build later with custom shoulders and unique toa tools

names subject to change but:

Gaiella toa of plantlife (based on gaia but with bonus sylable)
Arthron toa of sonics (first non-Artakha individual to forge the mask)
Izaakus toa of gravity (named after Isaac Newton)
Brutixa toa of psionics (sounds like “brutal”)
Igniculus toa of plasma (latin word for spark as per google translate)
Chalybs toa of iron (latin word for steel as per google translate)

also here is my pfp of the labeled map in higher res so it can be seen where each elemental region is


I like the idea of the mask being named after an individual. Also regarding the mask what are the yellow and tan islands?


yellow is meant to have remote hard to reach secret settlement of like idk 5-7 ish av matoran placed by order of mata nui during time skip. tan is undecided


Can’t wait to see the final builds Seuss.
Very nice choices in the colours and shades and I love that you are giving them unique masks very cool.

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I like the su-toa best, because su-toa are awesome. though the de-toa also looks pretty cool.

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When these are finalized that would be great to see, glad you finally divided up your island into recognizable places.

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some of the masks work specifically with elements on purpouse

plantlife plus mind control means control over all of nature (mask of rahi control might work better)

arthron is just really good at his element I guess

hau plus gravity means he can pull stuff towards the shield then reverse the direction with antigravity to shoot it out

mask of illusion plus psionics means they can play mind games and also maybe fight similar to CT from red vs blue with holograms and fake outs

miru plus jets of plasma working as thrusters means some level of limited flight

pakari plus iron is because iron was too OP already to give him a cool mask power for balancings sake plus also the pakari looks cool and strength is good power if I want to give him a “gentle giant” character archetype

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