Toa Kylerak's: Great White (Shark Week Moc)

If one is to make a moc based on a shark one might as well do the king of all sharks. This is a moc of a great white shark using only gen 1 pieces. I originally made another shark but it was tiny and was pridak if he was fully shark, but I wanted to make an even more impressive one.

It moves like a shark would and it is very stable.

I decided to use Brutaka’s sword because it made it more menecing as well as I didn’t want to hear it from others saying I used the same fins as @its_me_klc

Here are some more pictures.

This is for you @Venom! I hope you like the Shark.


Wow. That’s a great shark MOC. I like what you did with the jaws.

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That looks terrifying

AND those pictures have a cameo of me, with MY hand!

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And I built it within a few hours today.

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That’s a great MOC!

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great design and usage of Phantonka parts

Shark Week MOC. Psh. More like Shark MOC Week.

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Nice dude!

Even though I used the phantoka wing as the dorsal fin, you should have used it if you really wanted to!

Great Blue Shark lol. It looks great, except the brutaka blade sticks way, way out.


Great Whites have a little bit of blue or grey on them.