Toa Kylerak's: Jiyu Herald of Kami

Jiyu is a typically peaceful but when she needs to execute justice she will do so. She is a messenger sent from the city Tengoku. She is willing to help out Tenshi on his journey.


You took apart my Skrub Queen. :frowning:

Pretty cool, though! I love the way you did the knees, Kylerak. The build flows so well.

What even do these names mean, Kylerak?


The color scheme does not work well.

I would say the opposite. The only section that flows well is the chest.


I like this to a degree. My thoughts are the mask should be changed to something similar to the fire blades and the inika piece should be switched out with the mask color. Also it might be good to Switch Out The Inika arms for CCBS styled arms and add a little red to them.

I like it.

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The MOC is alright, but it could use some more red and the back of the legs look a bit bare compared to the rest of the MOC.

I think her legs might need some back armor. Her skirt is also a little awkward.

Although the wings and sword are very nice.

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