Toa Kylerak's: Makuta master of darkness moc.

Gathered friends,
Time to listen again to the Legend of the Bionicle. In a time before time the evil Makuta Teridax hated Mata Nui and decided to vanquish his toa so that hr could rule over all the matoran!
This is my recent Makuta moc and I hopr younall enjoy. Always room for improvement but I am getting tired and have work tomorrow so this is what I have made.


This moc is pretty good, it’s just that the waist is way too thin


Yeah I agree I need to find a way to bulken it up but ran out of time last night and wanted to share it :sweat_smile:.

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Also the head is too high up

Here is an update of my Makuta moc! Still with waist articulation


Much better.
Though I think if you removed the trans orange it would be better.

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I really think you did great on this, I think those legs and feet are awesome.