Toa Kylerak's: Master of the Elements

Here is a character I wanted to make for next gen world building, I used LDD and Photoshop to make the mask.

A little backstory:
He is supposedly mastered all of the elements and had two sons, Makuta and Ekimu. He had then tried to craft the legendary mask of ultimate power, but he failed because the moment he put it on it took over and destroyed him. The mask split into 6 parts and when Ekimu found that out he created the masks for the 6 toa. Makuta saw how well crafted these masks were and he tried to create his very own, but the villiages ignored their once beloved mask maker and loved Ekimu. After Master of the Elements had supposedly died Ekimu and Makuta made it a law that a mask should not contain the power of more than one element because it would become strong and dangerous.


I would buy this as a set in real life for the sole purpose of that saw.

I want the saw.





Purple saw…

Kulta’s chin approves.


Purple n’ blue? Should try trans-purple. Great photoshoping skill on the mask though!

  1. I did it because I wanted to show the relation of Makuta and Ekimu.
  2. Thanks I took Breeze’s masks and transformed it.
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So much purple… Maybe you should make the elemental piece on his spear trans purple.

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surely the mask makers father would also be a protector?

the black feet seem odd.
that shoulder design looks nice.

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That mask is amazing.

Great job!

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I thought you couldn’t use LDD? Anyways it’s still cool. Love the mask.

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hmm, yeah, this is pretty much cheating.

maybe if it were entered as art it would fly,
but for mocs you shouldn’t be able to do this.



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this isn’t a physical object, he has unlimited access to parts in colors that were never released and couldn’t be replicated using paint, and he used photoshop to edit it.

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MOC, stands for “My Own Creation”
Even if its not a physical object, it still is a creation. You can’t exactly cheat when making something.


I don’t think this is fair.

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Minecraft has unlimited access to blocks with textures that weren’t available in the original game. And everything in Minecraft is not a physical object.

While I’ll admit that it seems unfair that LDD MOCs can use non-existant parts, I will also remind you that some MOCists don’t have access to physical Lego Pieces either.

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As stated by the rules, the use of unofficial or image edited parts are allowed for this contest. This entry isn’t breaking any rules as far as our guidelines are concerned.


That being said, while I’m personally fine with people photoshopping effects or backgrounds into their MOCs, if someone made a 3D model of Tahu from scratch, it’d be considered artwork. Considering that this is technically just a 3D model that’s rendered, I think it should be moved to being in the art category.

This is only for the purpose of this contest, of course - we might one day host a MOC contest that includes LDD submissions. But for right now, because there is both an art and MOC category, I’m going to say this goes under the former.