Toa Kylerak's moc: Makuta Screestar

Hello everyone I occasionally come on and off these boards since I have plenty on my plate. But I built a moc to escape the adulting world for a bit. I made this moc to be an inspiration of “Starscream” from transformers and made a bionicle version of him. src="/uploads/db5640/original/4X/7/c/b/7cba7a8b7c80e0594d42991fef40a58762e526ce.jpg" width=“374” height=“499”>

Anyways enjoy!


His upper legs are way to thin


Yeah. When I have time to go back to the moc I’ll try to find a better way to make the legs thicker without too much bulk. I also want it to transform and this is my first attempt so figuring a way to do so with bionicle is not something I’m yet used to. Thanks for the imput though I appriciate the critique and hope to improve this moc. :smiley:

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