Toa Mahri

In the comics, the Toa Mahri die when Voya Nui colapses. But in the final comic, we can see in a scene that they are exiting the giant Makuta robot, and fighting rhakshi.

They never died, though. Matoro is the only Mahri who died.


Right, the Mahri did not die. Matoro died bringing the Mata Nui robot back to life, but the Mahri made it back to Metru Nui.


Yes, I also knew they didn’t die, but in a wiki page about the comics, I got fooled

Was this by any chance Bionicle Wikia?


Yup. But after Mr. Farshtey’s response, I’ve checked it and someone corrected it

Just a tip, use BS01, not the Bionicle​ Wiki. It is a far more accurate wiki.


TBW is one of the most inaccurate BIONICLE wikis out there.

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A couple of years ago I saw some stuff on there that was low-end CBW stuff marked as canon.

Thank you all for the advices