Toa Mahrok

For those of you who have seen my Toa Karda creations, you will remember Mahrok, the Matoran of Plant Life. But now I have made him into a Toa Form. This is my first Bionicle MOC that uses 95% CCBS. Hope you guys like it.


The color scheme needs some serious work, and it looks a bit cluttered (although, a more consistent color scheme would really help with that!).

Your basic idea seems to work though. It could just use a little improvement. And for your first venture into CCBS, it seems decent enough.

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It’s unique…that’s for sure…but the hulk doesn’t work. It makes him look incredibly awkward.

I quite like the colors, barring the translucent green, however.


Arms are a bit too low for my liking.
Can’t tell if those are white or tan cross axles for the weapons, either way, they’re not consistent with the color scheme.
7/10 IMO

The axles are white.

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It seems cluttered, both in build and colour, also he looks like a hunchback and the shoulder spikes look weird in my opinion: 6/10