Toa Master's Second powers are actually traits, not mask powers!

i know that alot of people are unhappy with the new secondary powers and how they are nothing like 01 but i found something out. i was recently trying to figure out the power manipulation differences between stone and earth when i found this on the bionicle wiki element of stone page on the list of powers:

Incredible strength also came with this Element.

sound familiar? yes its pohatu's 015 secondary power. so it got me thinking. what if the secondary powers described werent actually powers but the traits that came with te element much like the same things the matoran had so i checked all 6 elements:
Extreme resistance to heat also came with this power.
Incredible strength and enhanced night vision also come with this power.
Extreme resistance to cold also comes with this Element.
Added agility underwater and greater lung capacity come with this power. (2015 just says super swimming speed basically the same)
Increased agility also comes with this power.

the only one that isnt what 015 has is air and from what we've seen in the animations and in the stats lego has recently given us its safe to say that Lewa has agility.
so that means that the toa dont actually have secondary powers yet and they only have their elemental powers and their element traits. this could mean that we still havent seen the secondary power's and the real quest for the masks might still happen.


You are missing stone in your list.

stone was the first one (Incredible strength also came with this Element.)

Dude, you should be using BS01. But to be fair, that list is accurate.


yeah i checked BS01 but it didnt list the traits only the powers @ChaoticTempleKnight

This interesting way of looking at it and I have to say that it sounds reasonable enough to be true.

P.S. I like Bio Wiki more than BS01

you tryin' to start something?

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Them's fightin' words...


But yeah, I'd be interested to see the 'traits' abilities explored more in the books.

definitly @Helryx08

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fixed grammar in title xP

I already figured I don't have much to comment. I have my own way of thinking when it comes to this.

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