Toa Mata Revamps WIP - Kopaka, The Lancer

Those familiar with my previous Mata revamps will be familiar with this design, but those who aren’t, this is a chance to voice some feedback:

I’ve kept Kopaka’s original shield, since it’s small size, even on the original figure, made me think it was more of a targe (think, large buckler) than round-shield.

The gappy thighs can be rectified, but at the cost of some knee articulation.

The design is rather flexible, featuring a double-jointed waist to mimic the accordion joint in the original Mata mould, and double-jointed shoulders. Beyond that, this design features standard ankle, wrist, neck, elbow and knee movement.

So far I have also constructed Gali, Tahu and Onua in this style:
So far as I know, this design is the most accurate and posable Mata revamp that does not feature modified parts.

Constructive criticism welcome, though keep in mind that my goal was to replicate a G1 style, not build human-accurate representations of the characters.


Really good But the shield could be better.
I know its supposed to be toa mata but if you try to make a bigger version of it would suit his larger because its now more of a Buckler

Neat, Im waiting for lewa :3

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I need the instructions for this They are awesome

I’m pretty against posting instructions for MOCs, since they lose their uniqueness if everyone has one.

Just my thoughts, though. If he wishes to post them, then that’s fine :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really like these, the custom torso’s looks great


It was always sort of a buckler even the nuva one was too small.

Yeah, this is why I left it that size. Equally, there’s no way to increase the size of the shield without it no longer having the (perhaps silly) gaps

I’m glad the torso gets the right vibe across. :smile:

If a lot of people want instructions, I might make them. But these things are a little parts-expensive (16 balljoints each)

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Sup Jim, ya might wanna read this topic :slight_smile:


I really like it, it looks awesome! My one complaint is that his arms are different lengths. 10/100

That’s some very nice photography.

Holy cow your MOCs are really creative!

Theses are really nice man!

I love how you kept the shape of the mata torso although they seem a little fragile


Yeah, they area little fragile, mostly in the connection of the sides of the torso (if I had a 2.5 length axle, I’d be sweet)

(bow) Thank you, I appreciate it

Yeah, this is the case on both Tahu and Kopaka, and it’s a bit of pain, but equally, that’s how it was on the original sets (shrug).


Everything is perfect apart from the two pieces that connects the wrist to the shoulders, and the thighs. That gap takes away from the solid feel of the rest of the MOC. It should be a solid piece, or how you’ve done it with armour covering it.

I got to say this is pretty great!
Especially the Custom Torso.

Wow these are pretty wonderful. Usually I’m not that into mata revamps, but these really bulk them up them very well while still keeping a classic look.

I love the way that you’ve recreated the original Mata body mould with regular technic peices!

It really gives it a way of looking/feeling new and unique, while looking/feeling old and familiar at the same time!
If I had immediate access to the peices (ie. not having to spend half-an-hour digging for them out of a large pile under my desk) I would have a go at copying it right now!

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If you want, I could probably create some instructions (though it’s pretty simple, all told). I’m glad the original-mould look comes across, because that’s what I was really going for.

While I could probably figure it out if I could muster up a days worth of compitence for the first time in months, instructions would really help inexcperienced fools like me expand our MOCing horizons!

(I bet I butchered that spelling. Someone will correct me)