Toa/Matoran of Sonics Color Scheme

Topic is similar to @TheJerminator ’s topic for Toa of Plasma

So while looking up De-Matoran and Toa of Sonics I found this Greg quote on Biosector, with the site also acknowledging there does not appear to be a set color scheme. I had thought it was grey and black based off of Krakua. Guess I had just had it in my head that way for so long.

I did not see another topic in regards specifically to Sonic’s of the matoran species specifically, but I could be wrong. Link if so, please. Hopefully if there is a true answer it can found if otherwise.

I could not find any other Greg quotes specifically on this indicating another color.

So this all being said, what would YOU set the Sonic’s color scheme as?
Personally, I think Yellow could work well, secondaries being black, grey, and silver.
Would love to hear some of your schemes, feel free to post MOCs demonstrating color schemes you like and would fit appropriately.


I think grey is a fitting color. As sonics obviously relates to sound and sound is, well, invisible… I think a greyscale “colorless” scheme works.

However, dark grey makes Sonic Toa look too much like earth Toa. So perhaps light grey would’ve been a better color. A lot of MOCs I’ve seen have used light grey, so I suppose others would agree with me.

And maybe some trans-dark blue to invoke some Jimmy Stringer 4.0 vibes. The best user of the sonic element. /s


Since Krakua and Grey (the character, not the color) exist, I think it’s safe to assume that most, if not all De-toa have greyscale color schemes

Like stuubh said, grey makes sense for sound. If it were not grey, pink could be interesting, as there aren’t any elements that use that color (and also because I think pink is associated with certain kinds of music)

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I see nothing wrong with the colour scheme laid out by Krakua; primary gray, with an option of secondary black. Maybe also standardize the yellow eyes?

I think gray still gives quite a few options; you could use light or dark gray, or have different tints of gray. In Lego terms, this would be the dark vs. light vs. very light gray, or gray vs. bluish gray.

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I’ve been of the philosophy of Gray and Gray with occasional black structural. I made a Toa of Sonics recently that is Light Gray with Dark Gray secondary but I feel they could be swapped.

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I would like yellow in there.

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When I was younger, I always imagined Toa of Sonics being green. IDK why. That said, I think gray/black was the best color for them. Accents of white and gunmetal would work as well.