Toa Maufre (My Self-Moc)

Toa Maufre, Toa of The Jungle
I decided that this moc would be me

My upgraded version



Well, that’s shiny.

you uh…

are those the only cohesive parts you have?

I’ll be honest, maybe as a toa of green you should limit his colors to, y’know, green and maybe yellow or gold?


The green means the jungle
He is mostly dark green, but it’s hard to see

Well it looks alright, but it’s a fairly simple Inika build and the colors are all over the place. I can excuse the Inika build because it’s a pretty good one, but I think you should pick either blue/gold or Metru/lime green as the color scheme. I would suggest blue/gold as that is less used than Metru/lime green.

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Thanks for your thoughts


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I don’t know where to start, but I’ll try anyways.

Ironically what I like the most about this MOC is the blue, dark green, and lime green. I feel those colors would work nicely for a toa of Jungle. A Jungle can host a wide variety of plants and usually the forest floor is darker due to all the trees. Right now I feel the color scheme is a little unbalanced. I think taking out the gold and rolling with blue, black and lime green would work. How the color distribution on the MOC would be completely up to you.

The Build…I suggest changing it if you have the parts. While I like how you made complex legs, the build is still an inika build. Even though I do like it (the inika build), I have to admit it is kind of boring. My best advice is to look at other people’s MOCs and see what they do (don’t blatantly copy someone else obviously).

The weapons… I like where you are going with them, but they need some work. I feel the staff needs some improvement as it looks awkward. I suggest finding a weapon that is more compatible with the setup you have for the staff. The scythe… depends on the nature of the staff. If the staff is for casting, keep the scythe. If the staff is for hand to hand combat, drop it from the MOC.

Overall this is a good start. I feel this MOC does have potential. Keep working on and improving it.


I changed him

Dang, nice upgrades. I like what you did with him.

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He looks pretty good, but the mask really sticks out.

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