Toa Metru G2 Mocs P2

Hello again,
After my last topic I changed up Whenua a bit. I also built a few more Metru.
So here they are:

I'll start with Whenua. I made him a bit smaller, he's now the smallest of the six like he used to be. I also bulked up his shoulders and made his legs less gappy. Also added a bit more of the trans green.

Now to the new stuff, first up Matau:

I got the idea for his colorscheme from the Jetray piece on his back. Some won't like the inclusion of it, but I kinda do so I won't be changing it.

Last but not least, Onewa:

I also included a function where Onewa can store his weapons on his back:

Onewa was pretty difficult to put together, since his original colors don't exist anymore. So I had two options: to paint his mask into a currently used color or to use older parts. I chose for the second option, and am pretty happy with the result.
Lemme know what you think ;D



Onewa is my favorite toa all-time, and he looks siiick!


Personally, painting would've been better but these all look amazing.

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Matau is the best IMO, love the wings.

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Great renditions of the Metru! The colors all look good, especially on Matau. I really like the use of the Jetray piece, but when Matau is viewed from the back it almost seems like there is too much yellow. Onewa and Whenua are very impressive too.

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I like the color schemes and torso designs of all of them, but the legs seem kinda small in proportion to the rest of their bodies. Whenua and Onewa's weapons work, but Matau's swords look kind of messy.

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I think Matau could use a little less yellow, but other than that I really like these.

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Pretty cool. Whenua looks a lot more cleaned up now, though I'm a bit mixed on the choice for his feet. Matau looks suprisingly good with yellow as a secondary and I like your interpretation of his Aero Slicers. As for Onewa, I feel the colors are fairly well balanced, and I enjoy that he retains the tall height of his Turaga form (something I feel his Metru set could've had).

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These are all really cool.
My favourites are Onewa and Whenua.

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Good choice. painting is heresy.

These aee pretty great, the Gali uniter chest piece looks weird, although there might not be much you can do about it.

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I like the idea of giving Matau the ben ten wings.

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these look amazing! My one nitpick is the two-colour schemes, the just don't go well with the metru, who in my mind are the simplest and "blandest" (though still cool) of the toa.

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Matatu and onewa's leg needs some work