Toa Metru G2 Mocs

Hey there,
Continuing with my Bionicle 2017 project, I started on the summer wave. (I know, it's a bit early but I couldn't help myself). For this wave me and @poharu decided to bring back the Toa Metru. I already started making my renditions and will gladly show them to you here.
Up first we have Whenua:

Last but not least, here's Nuju:

I tried to make the weapons as similar as the original weapons, just a little better.
The other Metru will follow, including a 7th one. Honest feedback is appriciated, I only just started mocing with ccbs so I got a lot to learn still ;p Oh and if you want some more pictures just ask.


Love it, cant wait for the rest.

Very good MOCing for someone just starting if you ask me.

Since weapon storage was a thing for the Metru, can you find a way to incorporate that with your designs.


These are pretty neat!

(Best part is Nuju's weapons tho..)


I think the new Nuju is such a vast improvement over the original. There is literally no way to make Nuju any better in my oppinion, great work!

I honestly think that Whenua should be shorter and bulkier, even though the original is the same proportions, but that's just me being extremely nitpicky.

Overall, I think these look really great and can't wait for the rest.


Dude, Nujus weapons look straight out of Bioncle Heroes


Wish these had hear functions as the Toa Metru did it best. Nice job.

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I tried, but whatever I came up with didn't look as good as they do now. Maybe some day when I have more experience xP Glad you like them though!

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Those are quite the climbing spikes for Nuju.

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Fantastic for a first time. I'm particularly impressed with the results of Nuju; how epic his weapons look.

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I don't really like the concept; having two waves of Toa in the same year is a bit overboard.

That aside, these look good. I like the colors on Whenua, though more of the trans green would be nice. The weapons are well-adapted, they look quite a bit like the originals. He's a bit gappy around some of the joints, though.

I have a lot of the same to say about Nuju: good color scheme, though this time I feel like the blue doesn't need any more. Once again the weapons are well-made and scale up the originals. Nuju doesn't suffer from the gappiness, either. I like the slight variations in the shoulders and posture, too. Makes them feel the same but not clone-y.

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Nuju's weapons are just amazing.

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Really good. Not too hot on Whenua's shoulder armour, though, they don't seem connected enough to the body, and just kinda... float there.

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I've decided to redo Whenua, to try and make him look more like his 2004 counterpart. Will post pictures when I'm happy with him.

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I love Nuju especially the weapon. Though I feel like you should have done something else for Whenua's torso.