Toa Metru on Bara Magna

Vakama strode down the stairs of his home. It was strange, he thought, that he had had the odd dream last night of a star crashing into the mountains. He took a step into the street and gasped in shock as a blaze of red light blotted out the city. Unable to see, Vakama tripped over the staff he had dropped, and slammed into a wall. His last thought was that the impact was not as severe as it should have been…

At the same time, Nuju had been working on deciphering an inscription on the wall of his home. He stopped as he heard a sound like rending metal. Then he was blinded by the blaze of light…

Onewa was helping carve a statue of Matoro, a fitting tribute to the hero who had saved the Matoran Universe at the cost of his life. He had just stooped to pick up his hammer when a blaze of energy struck him. He fell to the ground, glowing with red lightning…

“Vakama!”, cried a voice. “Awake and protect your people!”
He groaned as he stood up. Everything was covered in a strange red dust, and Matoran were running in panic.
“What happened?”, Vakama shouted.
The nearest Matoran, Onepu, stared in shock at the area where Vakama stood, then drew a knife.
“Who’s there?”, he said, his voice grim.
Vakama looked at his hand, only to realize that he couldn’t see it. He deactivated his Huna, and then stared at his arm. It was lithe and red, with orange highlights. He towered over Onepu, who had backed off slightly.
“What has happened?”, said Vakama. “I am a Toa Metru once more…”


ooh, interesting
Toa Metru become Toa Inika?

No, they’re the Toa Metru. But they have their original Toa form because they gained Toa power from the damage to the Red Star. It created it on impact due to a transmitter being ripped off the outside. The Toa power equaled the level required to make a Turaga into a Toa.

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neat concept, and itll be kinda interesting to see how the toa metru act with the wisdom they gained before they originally became turaga

Chapter Two

Vakama turned to see a small figure, mostly composed of organic tissue and purple armor stumbling toward him and Onepu. It was stumbling because Onepu had slashed it across the leg, but it was armed with a small stick of metal that produced an ominous hum. He reached back and drew his disk launcher, then loaded a freeze disk. Before the being could move, it was frozen solid.
“What is it?”, exclaimed Onepu.
“I don’t know… but that’s not a normal weapon that it’s carrying,” replied Vakama.
He pried the stick out of its hand, and handed it to Onepu.
“We need to contact the Order. They have to know about this.”
Onepu nodded. “I can get you there in no time, now that the tubes are working.”
They headed towards the tube entrance, leaving the figure to thaw out.

At that moment, chaos had broken out in Ga-Metru, as Gali and Hahli fought more purple-armored beings in the streets.
“Where is the Turaga?”, Hahli shouted, firing a burst of Cordak rockets into the attackers.
“I don’t know! There wasn’t much to see when that explosion happened!”, Gali replied, parrying a thrust from a purple energy sword.
Suddenly, something pulled the being that had been leading the others into the water. There was a burst of bubbles, and a red stain appeared on the surface.
“Mata Nui!”exclaimed Gali. “What was that?”
The attackers had formed into a circle, looking into the waters on each side of the path.
Then a figure leaped onto the path, swinging two intricately shaped spears that disarmed them. It wore a Rau that glowed a bright blue as it spoke.
“Surrender,” it said, “or face the wrath of the Toa Metru. We will defend this city at all costs, and you shall regret your ravaging ways.”
The figures stared, then dropped their blades.
“We will surrender,” said one of them.
“Who are you?” asked Hahli.
The figure turned.
“My name is—“



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Yes, the Kestora have arrived.

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Chapter Three

“Who is this?”
A slim, white Toa of Ice was trying to open the door of the Order’s headquarters.
“Access denied. Contacting security.”
“Let me in, you idiotic machine!”
The Toa activated his mask of Telekinesis, and shoved the door inwards. There was a crunch as the security system crumpled on each side.
“I need to see Helryx! Is there anyone here?”
Something moved in the dark hallway. Two eyes lit up as a dark figure stood up.
“Helryx is busy. What are you doing, anyway?”
“Something has attacked the city. Something from the Red Star. It has already taken the Matoran from Karzahni and hidden them away. I was sent to get help.”
The dark figure stared directly at the Toa.
“What is your name?”
“My name is Nuju.”
“You are lying. Nuju is a Turaga, and unless the Great Beings have made a mistake, there is no one else with that name in existence.”
“My name is Nuju.”
The figure drew a blade from behind her.
“Get out. Now. Or you will have none of this ‘help’ you require.”
The Toa stepped back, then smiled. A cold, grim smile.
“I was told that the Order does not willingly abandon their work. Now I see that Axonn was an exception. We don’t need your help anyway, now that the Toa Metru have returned.”
He walked down the stairs, then activated his mask. The doors flew into place behind him.
“Matau, Onewa! We need to find Whenau and Vakama, and Nokama as well.”
Two other Toa walked into the square. They had the same armor, but one was brown and the other was green. The green Toa placed his swords on his back, where they formed wings like a gliders. The brown one drew two hooks attached to chains, which he swung back and forth.
“We will meet at the Great Temple!”, Nuju said.
Then he drew two spiked blades from his back, and began climbing toward the nearest tube transport. The brown Toa followed, as the green one dived into space, gliding towards a speeder parked down the street.


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Chapter Four:

Reboot Kernel………….
Image Loading…………
Sensors Online…………
No Uplink Detected…….
AI Loading………………
All Boot Tasks Complete

The Kestora’s eyes opened. It was night, and the alleyway was dark. It felt a pain in its leg, and felt the ugly gash that ran down its right thigh. It drew out a device that resembled a can of spray paint, and sprayed a silver liquid onto the wound.
Where am I,” she wondered. There was nothing familiar in sight, and she could remember nothing, except for her name. Actually, it wasn’t even a name, only a designation: KE11, a Kestoran medic. She turned towards the street, and froze. A tall, slim figure stood in the entrance. She could only see the outline of the figure, and the cold glint of the three-pronged staff that it carried.
“Don’t move! You are surrounded!”, it cried.
“Why would I move with my leg slashed to the bone?”, she replied.
“Never mind,” said the figure. It was female, and the Kestora could tell its species now: a Vortixx, and a dangerous one at that.
“Come with us. We need the information you have of the Star.”
The Kestora looked left, then right. Anything could be hiding in the shadows. Suddenly, she dived to the left, but not fast enough. A pain enclosed her as a Rhotuka struck her to the ground.
“Never mess with a former Dark Hunter,” said the Vortixx. “If you had any senses left to use…”


Chapter Five:

Roodaka moved quickly through the back of a warehouse in Onu-Metru, carrying the Kestora. She had left her comlink behind in Ta-Metru, after sending a distress signal. “It will be believed that I was killed or taken by these strange beings,” she thought. “Then the Order will see their folly. They should have listened when I told them of the Toa Metru.

KE11 was staring at the walls surrounding them. She could see shelves of electrical and mechanical components, as well as plates of raw Protodermis ore and various liquids. The Vortixx carrying her was running quickly towards a door that was cunningly hidden, flush with the wall around it. They entered it, and Roodaka halted.
“You will stay here until I say otherwise,” she said.
She placed the Kestora on a bunk, and walked into an adjacent hallway. KE11 looked around again. The room was small, and spartan in its austerity. There was a knock on the door.
“Who’s there?”
“The Whirlwind.”
“Come on in. The alarms are off for the moment.”
The door opened, and a shorter figure entered. It was a Toa, covered in green armor, and carrying a sword. Beside it stood two Matoran, one blue armored and the other red.
“Are we safe here?” asked the Toa.
The blue Matoran walked towards the Kestora, with a surprised look on her face.
KE11 was also surprised. The Matoran had no hands but was armed with two blades.
A string of data suddenly scrolled across her vision, and the color seemed to dim. She could see the various systems of the Matoran, and the shoddy work used to attach the weapons.
KE11 knew suddenly what she must do, if it took her a year. She would heal this Matoran, and repair her to the best of her ability…

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neat another chapter!

I’ll be making about two chapters per week.

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Chapter Six:

The sun was setting, and Kapura was worried. It had been almost two days since he had seen Vakama, and it unheard of for the Turaga to not visit his forge.
“Where could he be?”, the Matoran wondered. “He said that he would meet me at my forge at sunset and he has never vanished like this before.”
He walked into the forge, and began collecting the tools Vakama had given him on their return to Metru Nui. Then he heard something. A footstep that he had heard many times before, yet it was louder, and more forceful, as though the person making the sound was much stronger now.
He turned to look at the doorway, and saw someone standing there. A Toa of Fire, holding a satchel.
“I have very little time, Kapura,” the Toa said. “I have a gift for you, something that you have long deserved.”
He drew something from the satchel, wrapped in cloth. Placing it on the table, the Toa gestured toward the bundle.
“Open it, Toa Kapura.”
“Er, ok,” the Matoran replied.
He undid the wrapping, and stared in astonishment. The bundle contained the Kanohi Vahi, the Legendary mask of Time.
“Put it on,” said Vakama.
Kapura shook his head.
“No, you put it on me. I am unworthy of such a mask. I am merely a Matoran with strange abilities, not a worthy master like yourself.”
Vakama smiled. “With such humility, you will make an excellent hero, one that the others will look up to.”
With that, he placed the Vahi on Kapura’s face. There was a blaze of light, and Kapura seemed to vanish. Then it faded, and Vakama stepped back. A new Toa stood in front of him, with red and gold armor.
“I thank you with all my heart for this, noble master,” said the Toa. He knelt, and drew out a badge that displayed the emblem of the Ta-Matoran. “This I give you, to give to another worthy of my position. Now I shall report to the Order.” He saluted, and walked out, headed towards the Colosseum.

Vakama watched him for a few minutes, then collected a pile of disks from the forge. After doing so, he left by the back entrance, and headed for the Great Temple. There he found the rest of the Toa Metru, seated around a small fire.
“How did it go?”, asked Nokama.
“Better than I had hoped,” he replied. “Kapura is a perfect guardian for the Vahi, and as I suspected, he was the one for whom it was destined.”
He sat down by the fire, which flared up at his presence.
“Deputy, what is our plan?”
He turned expectantly towards the Toa of Water.
“I have a plan,” she said. “Actually, it’s Matau’s plan, and a good one at that.”
“Let us hear it, then,” he said.


Ooh cool
So is Kapura now a Toa of Time?

Yes. And there will be a reason for this soon.

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Chapter Seven:

“Order! Order, I say!”
Zaria leaned back in his chair. He had been summoned to the Order for an interrogation, and was bored out of his mind by the proceedings. It had been several hours, and he still saw no reason why they didn’t just kill him if they wanted to.
“Toa Zaria, you have committed no actions against the Toa code except for killing a Makuta, correct?”
“That is correct,” he replied. He wondered why Axonn had bothered asking if he already knew the answer.
“I see that you are tiring of the questions,” said Orde. He was leaning against a corner of the wall, presumably acting as a sort of bailiff.
“That is reasonable. Axonn, explain why we have arrested my brother here.”
Axonn nodded.
“Zaria, we are in a bit of a quandary. There have been signs that someone has been trying to leak information from our files to an unauthorized destination. This person has access to these files, but is not operating from within the Order. We have lately received a message from beings who claim to be the Toa Metru, a team of Toa that was destroyed centuries ago. We believe that these imposters are linked to whoever is working against us, and may be able to provide the information needed to make the necessary arrests. Would you be willing to help us in an unofficial capacity in exchange for protection from your, ah, particular enemies?”
Zaria almost laughed as he replied.
“Of course I will! What did you think I was going to do, smash your weapons? Blow up your fortress? I’m not that crazy!”
Axonn’s expression became a bit strained.
“Look, Mistress Helryx won’t take that as an answer…”
“Don’t worry so much. I’ll take care of it,” Orde said. He walked to the door, and unlocked it.
“Go to the library, Zaria, and look up any information you need. I’ll return in a few hours with any orders Mistress Helryx has for you.”
Zaria saluted, and headed down the hall. The others left the room, and went to talk with Helryx about the results of the questioning. They did not notice the small device attached to the bottom of Zaria’s chair…

In Onu-Metru, the warehouse was filled with a loud humming sound, emanating from a large machine that filled the back of its main room. It had been constructed by KE11, with the purpose of constructing other devices needed for her to operate on Idris. The Ga-Matoran stared in amazement at the immense machine, and couldn’t help wondering what it could make.
“Nearly any tool,” the Kestora said. “I have several of these on the Star, but the Enforcers would only let me use one at a time.”
“These Enforcers, who- or what- are they,” Idris asked.
“They are the warriors of my people,” said KE11. “They rule us, and operate from the world of the Silver City. They have borne a grievance against Toa after one of them threw them out of a place that was theirs by conquest, but otherwise they are not very unreasonable. They are very interested in efficiency, which is why they wouldn’t let me use anesthetics on the beings I revived for them.”
She turned to the machine’s controls and began to dial in a command, typing in some arcane language unknown to the others.
“How long will this operation take?” asked Lesovikk. “And where did Roodaka vanish to?”
“About three hours,” replied the Kestora. “And I have no idea where that detestable assassin of yours went. Wherever it is, I hope she stays there.”
Lesovikk grinned. He wondered how often it was that people said that about Vortixx or Dark Hunters.
“Well, I’ll get some dinner ready,” he said, and headed for the back room.

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Chapter Eight:

“How informative,” Zaria muttered. There was precious little in the Order’s library and computer systems about the Toa Metru. All he could find was a tale of some Toa who’d saved Metru Nui three thousand years ago, and then promptly vanished. Their names weren’t even mentioned.
“Hey, Zaria!”
Orde ran into the room, his face excited.
“We found a location for you to investigate! It’s this warehouse in Onu-Metru. It’s been drawing much more power than anything else I’ve seen here, and the owner swears that it’s been empty for quite a while.”
Zaria sighed. It was so laughable to think that this was anything more than some minor smuggling or counterfeiting.
“Fine. I’ll check it out.”
He grabbed his staff, a metal rod about five feet tall, and left. As he did, Orde began searching the computer for anything that had been accessed. He found nothing unrelated to the case at hand.

Meanwhile, Kapura was walking. He always walked, but today he found that it seemed a little tiring. So he had sat down on a convenient bench in Ga-Metru. He was surprised to hear on the nearby telescreen that Turaga Dume was declaring a state of emergency over the disappearance of the other Turaga. Kapura was awakened from his surprise by a shout.
“Hey! He’s over here!”
A guy wearing orange armor was running towards him, holding a sword.
Kapura leaped up and over the attacker, then dashed toward the nearest tube. Unfortunately, the attacker had seen him, and was following. As they entered the tube, the two were swept along by its current. The Toa was surprised by the lack of force that was acting on him. He realized that the Vahi was still active, but was drawing little energy from him. He began swimming towards the next station, with Zaria in hot pursuit, though at a much slower rate.

“…so we’re going to Tesara?”
Vakama was tired. He found this plan to be more tiring than helpful.
“Of course! Where else would we find Lesovikk?”
“He may be here,” Matau said. “He was seen a few days ago before the riots started over the killing of Karzahni.”
“Well, let’s see what it’s like at the place you mentioned, that smuggling base in Onu-Metru.”
Nokama shrugged. “I guess we can wait a few days before leaving. Is it agreed then?”
The others agreed, and began packing the necessary supplies.

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