Toa Metru on Bara Magna

ah neat, another chapter.

I plan on eventually having Velika show up with the Void Cannon, a blaster that sends its target into inter dimensional space. With this he will accidentally defeat Anonna , and create chaos at the Red Star.

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sounds interesting!

Plus he’ll bring in his other allies, including warrior class Kestora and the Marendar that he’s able to fix.

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Chapter Nine:

“I found the red guy,” Zaria shouted into his comlink. He was still running through the tubes, which seemed to be somewhat unstable.
“We’re in Po-Metru, and I’m nearing the warehouse.”
“Well, get in there!”
“I’m trying, but even my Kakama doesn’t seem to have any effect on my speed!”
He stumbled along, the liquid protodermis rippling around him.
“This place is gonna break up,” he thought. Then he fell through the floor, smashing through the roof of the building below.

“We have a tube collapse ahead,” Matau shouted. He glided to the ground, his Aero Slicers folding behind him.
“Let’s check it out,” Vakama replied. He drew his launcher, and loaded a Weaken disk into it. The Toa Metru stepped forward, each drawing their weapons. Suddenly, they heard blaster fire, and saw the door explode out of the warehouse in front of them.
“Get them off!”
A Toa of Iron stood in the center of a mound of wreckage, surrounded by swirling metal. Facing him were a Toa of Air and two Matoran.
“What’s so scary about us,” asked the Ga-Matoran. “We’re just trying to keep this Kestora from killing you.”
A small figure emerged from the wreckage, holding a knife that glowed ominously.
“I will kill this fool for preventing me from carrying out my mission,” it said in a mechanical voice.
“Calm down,” Vakama said.
“Too late.”
A large, gray warrior had appeared on the rooftop. Beside him stood a horned guy with multiple guns and a tall, slim being that looked like a Vortixx made from obsidian.
“Put down your arms. You are all under arrest. You too, Zaria. You have raised arms against Matoran. This is against the Toa code.”
Suddenly, there was a flash of red light, and the Kestora was gone.
“What in the name of Mata Nui was that?”, the black-armored being said.
“The Star’s teleporter, no doubt. Stop worrying, Johmak. It’s no danger to us.”
The Toa watched in anger as the gunslinger leaped from the roof, and placed a device on them.
“I’m very sorry,” said Johmak. “But we were ordered to deliver you to Helryx and Axonn alive if possible.”
“Why do you think we killed the Turaga,” Vakama said. “Even if we did, why would we use their names?”
“Well,” said Johmak, “I don’t know. But we must follow orders. We have an important visitor who needs to know.”
“Who in the name of all the blasted-“
A light blazed in the middle of the wreckage. From it emerged a figure closed in grey armor, wearing a noble Rau.
“Who-who are you?” Johmak said.
“I am a great being,” said the figure. “At least, that’s what they used to call us. We no longer deserve the name. Not after that ‘Po-Matoran’ began his treacherous work.”
They glanced at each other, not understanding anything except the statement that this was a Great Being.
“Meet me at the Order headquarters,” the Great Being said. “Hurry. It is of the utmost importance. Failure is death.”
Then it vanished in a blaze of light.

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Ooh there’s a Great Being! Very interesting…

Chapter Ten:

“What a day,” Kapura sighed. He was lying on a bench at his forge, staring at the short figure beside him. After grabbing KE11 from the warehouse, he had returned to the forge and given her the best disguise he could: a Ta-Matoran, red-armored and complete to the last detail, even his guard ensign on her shoulder.
“What should I call you?”, he asked.
The Kestora thought.
“Call me Kell,” she said. “It’s a close enough name to my own that I can’t forget it.”
“That’s perfect! I’ll have to find the Order tomorrow to report that Skakdi-brained fool who was chasing me.”
He smiled, remembering the look on Zaria’s face as the tube has destabilized from the speed at which it was traveling.
“Whoever he was, he’s not going to be an issue for us.”

Meanwhile, Helryx was pacing her room, trying hard not to scream in rage at Zaria. It wasn’t his fault, she thought. He wouldn’t have known what the Vahi could do.
“Axonn, take Zaria back to his apartments. We’ll deal with him later.”
She turned towards the cloaked being beside her.
“I’m sorry that you had to have such a bad experience with us. Some of these Toa aren’t as smart as they used to be.”
The Great Being smiled.
“I’m sure you can still do wonders with them, firstborn.”
“Now,” Helryx continued, “we must turn to this other matter. Lesovikk, what were you doing for the last week?”
“Why would you impugn me like this, sister,” asked the Toa of Air. “You yourself should know that I haven’t murdered Karzahni! I would have fought him face to face, not stabbed him in the back like a coward!”
Helryx stared thoughtfully at him.
I could have him killed if I wished, she thought.
“But you are telling the truth. Why did I mistrust you, brother? I hope I haven’t become as much like Teridax as that.”
“You are resolved, then, to let him join the mission?”
The Great Being was staring at Helryx, who started at her voice.
“Yes, of course, great one!”
There was a knock at the door.
“Come in,” Helryx said.
Orde opened the door.
“They are genuine beyond any doubt, Mistress Helryx! I have examined them myself.”
“Good,” Helryx replied. “Now, Orde, don’t let them know that they were in danger of their lives. It would only make it worse for their minds to know that Trinuma and the others were against giving them liberty.”
“Shall I speak to them?”
Helryx nearly jumped in surprise.
“Why yes, if you so wish… I had thought I’d bring them to you first…”
“We are not so cruel as to impose our authority on other beings like that,” said the Great Being. “I have learned that one should not try to be a deity. It only corrupts one’s mind when you usurp the true ruler’s place.”
Helryx nodded.
“I will call on them with you, then. Orde, secure the premises, please.”
The Toa of Psionics saluted.
“As always, I am at your command, sister!”

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ooh cool

I like making the parts with the Order’s leaders scheming and planning. It’s enjoyable to write, since I have to keep my logic working.

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Ah sounds good. :smiley:

I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

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Chapter Eleven:

“So, you need someone to run errands for you while you find the other Great Beings?”
Matau was leaning against the wall of his cell, with an expression of extreme frustration covering his face.
“You do not realize, then, that your hero Lhikan is still up there?”
Matau’s eye’s widened.
“You mean, we could get him out?”
“Yes,” the Great Being said. “I will send you, Onewa, Whenua, Nuju, and two Order members to take possession of the area. Once it is secured, Vakama, Nokama, Zaria, and Johmak will arrive with equipment and help from the Vortixx.”
Matau tensed at the word Vortixx. It stirred evil memories as he remembered events over three thousand years in the past.
“I am sending Johmak, as her species is similar to the Vortixx and has access to their technology. She can broker a deal with them. The others are there for protection, as you know the lengths they will go to to keep others from getting their tech.”

Johmak looked up as Vakama and Nokama stepped into her chambers.
“Helryx said for us to bring you to the landing area. We’re leaving immediately for New Xia.”
“But, wait- Where are we going?”
“I’m sorry,” Nokama said. “It appears that the Great Being didn’t tell you that we’re getting equipment to fix the Red Star.”
“Ok, I see,” Johmak replied. She grabbed a worn scabbard from a weapon rack and a black helmet. “Now we can go.”
They headed to the landing area, through hallways that lead past many varied rooms. Rooms for meditation, training, and relaxing, as well as private apartments and locked doors. The landing area was occupied by a single aircraft. It looked like a small airship, but with two wings on each side, about 25 feet in each direction. It was armed with several plasma cannons, obviously modified from mining tools.
“Matau would love this!”, Nokama exclaimed.
Johmak smiled.
“This was a present from the Nynrah Ghosts, many years ago. It is one of the largest combat vehicles with flight capabilities in all of Bara Magna. We’ll take it to Xia, as we need more than money for our purchase.”
Vakama stared around the courtyard.
“Where’s Zaria? He should be here.”
“Come on in! We’re leaving in three minutes!”
They saw a figure wave from the vehicle’s windscreen as Zaria’s voice boomed from the loudspeakers.
“Well, let’s go,” Johmak said. “We can brief on the flight. It’ll be about ten hours before we land, anyway.”

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