Toa Minera: Toa of Iron and Electricity

Swig sweg swug, wazzup thugs, its me again. Today I will be showing you Toa Minera, Toa of iron and electricity.

But first, a bio

Name: Minera (Meh-near-uh)
Species: Matoran (Toa)
Element: Iron and Electricity (minimal amount of electricity)
Kanohi: Great Pakari (shaped like Avohkii)
Occupation: Technician (formerly), Hand of Arthaka, SOLISGUARD


In his early days as a Matoran, Minera was one of many Fe-Matoran set to work on repairing any damaged or unfinished equipment within the Great Spirit Robot (however he and the rest of the Matoran were to focused on their work to know what it was they were repairing). Progress would soon be halted though when Kalmah and his soldiers broke into the work area during The League of Six Kingdoms overthrow attempt. However, The Brotherhood of Makuta and The Hand of Artakha would send several agents into the area to take down Kalmah. Because of a massive loss in agents during the overthrow, numerous Matoran were bought into the organization to support them. Minera, being one of many, was more than happy to join the group, and saw an ample opportunity to use his skills in engineering to help the Matoran Universe. Over the course of two years The Hand, with Mineras help, would stop the Leagues forces, though Minera's incredible wit and use of strategy would impress Helryx, who approached him and several others to form SOLISGUARD, a special ops unit for The Hand.


Two years after the Leagues overthrow attempt, suddent attacks on Arthaka came up, Matoran were caught and sent to a camp set up by an anti Mata Nui party called The Sons of Necron. The Hands leader, Auspex (unofficial character), would receive an SOS signal from the camp and dispatched SOLISGUARD to recover the Matoran.

Following Stoax's allegiance with the group, Minera would travel with the Toa of Stone to the camp to investigate who The Sons of Necron are.

Now onto the MOC



Obligatory Nyran shot (ahyuck). Not sure how I feel about the shield piece on the back

The reason his lower arms are so grebbly from the rest of him is that they are prosthetics. On their trek towards The Sons of Necron camp, Stoax, Minera, and Rauera (a mercenary that had vital info on who The Sons are) underwent an attack from several soldiers nearby. During the fight, Minera's lower arms would be chopped off.

Minera and his custom made drone. After having his arms chopped off, he was sent back to The Hand of Arthaka base, via a fulton recovery balloon. Minera could speak to Stoax through this drone while outfitting himself with new prosthetics. The design of the drone is based off Shadowgear6335's MOC, The Byte

Wow is he short! I intended to make him at least the height of Stoax, but apparently that didn't work.


It's black and silver with a silver Avhokii. This is really generic


Well he is a Toa of Iron, so I'd figure black and silver would be appropriate for him.

Except that's not the color scheme for a Toa of Iron.

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From biosector:
"Primary: Metallic gray, gold, or bronze
Secondary: Burnt orange"

So yeah. He should not have the color scheme of a Toa of Genericness (with a Mask of Overuse to boot.) The trans red almost works to make him look a bit better, but there's just not enough of it to go around. Besides the colors, I quite like it, he looks pretty solid. Wasn't really sold on the lower arms but story reasons work out.

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I'm not an overly and unnecessarily harsh critic, so I think this looks cool, I like the red eyes and heartlight

UPDATE: I changed the silver to gunmetal and the black to orange, pics will be up soon


I have a serious problem with the kanohi choice,

but the build is, while simple, rather nice,
though for some reason it looks feminine to me, the torso's shape, maybe it's the posing.

A Takanuva mask!? DISGRACEFUL!!!! stuck_out_tongue


A perfectly legitimate complaint, actually.

I see what you did there


Originally I was going to keep the MOC the way it was. Though there are some MOCing tropes featured here, some things are simply just my personal preference (two words I feel people forget to keep in mind when critiquing MOCs).

But I did manage to go out of my way in changing his color scheme to be more accurate to what a Toa of Irons color scheme is.

This MOC is now currently a WIP, as I am waiting to purchase an orange Pakari for him, and apply a different colored shield to his back.


An orange shield on his back might work as an alternate color.

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