Toa Minifigure Posters [Concept Art]

Based on my previous concepts here are two of the Toa in my style, my favorites, Lewa and Pohatu. In Pohatu’s I wasn’t really all uptight ababout making a background, but with Lewa’s I tried to make the sky village thing we’ve all decided on, and I really like how it turned out. Oh, and Lewa has a cape.

More coming soon!


Pohatu looks good but lewa’s a bit unsettling.

That’s fair. What about him is unsettling?

The miru face adaptation. Looks too. Off to me…

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Lewa looks like a Vegitales character with that smile. Otherwise, nicely drawn.

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Drawings are ok but I don’t really like the mouths, also lewa’s eyes look odd.

I don’t like Lewa’s cape.

But otherwise I really like these and Pohatu’s blue highlights are p cool.

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