Toa Necrome [Self moc] (Feb 2016 update)

Okay so just to let you all know I'm a part of a online roleplay community on Google+ called Rega Nui, I myself am a moderator of the community, if you're interested look it up.

ANYWAYS, from the community the owner created a power that only a few characters posses, until recently Necrome did not have this power, but now he does, and we call it sage mode, sage mode acts differently from character to character but they basics are it increases the power of the user for a short amount of time, though it damages the users body and will likely kill them if used longer than 17 minutes...Now that Necrome posses this power he also gets a new form.

When Necrome enters sage mode his main element (gravity) and his secondary element (Dark matter) basically switch places, making his move set and weapons not only more powerful, but also harder to defend against, but also more unpredictable.
I even decided to give this form a name... Sage Necrome, The Dark Matter Paladin

Necrome is not the only one to get a power up, his weapons also increase in their capabilities.

His shield is not only near indestructable, but also gains some offensive capability in the form of two sabers coming from the top of the shield.

His sword, Excalibur, doesn't change but it does increase the power of sage mode even further, quite possibly making him one of the most powerful sages in the community.

But, even with all this equipment, he is still able to fly at extraordinary speeds with the wings that deploy from his pack.


This is really great looking. He looks so much better without the cape. I really like the glowy green arms. :smile:


well atleast he's glowy and nice

This looks amazing I like the way you used trans green for the entire arms it makes it fell like they're pure energy.

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I like the inclusion of the Crystal addons, they really add to him. Also, neat shield design with those light saber blades.

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Cool self MOC. Nice use of green parts and also vahki head.

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This is groovy man.
I love his arms how his arms look. it like they are infused with energy.

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Looks awesome! The green really sticks out well! Amazing!

He looks great but I really dislike the head and upper legs, and i also love the idea of sage mode!

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THE GREEN I love it!!!!!!!!

This is looking awesome!

As @GIF.Man.Ben would say, Groovy

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Design wise: pretty cool looking. Green is a nice touch
Power wise: riot pls nerf. But hey, mods=gods amirite

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kind of looks like umarak's brother, but I love the crystal armor on the rib cage for some reason, and that shield with the light sabers on it is pretty cool looking :smile:

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@Mayple Actually, I was one of the only mods not to have it till now.

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