Toa Nui Building Contest (Discusion)

I’m going to host a building contest to make a Toa Nui for 2015. This topic is to discuses the rules and iron out any bugs.

After making several Toa Nui(s) using the 2001 Toa I wanted to see a Toa Nui made out of the 2015 Toa (the Okoto Toa Nui if you will). For any who do not know, the Toa Nui is a fusion of all six Toa, whereas the Toa Kaitas are a fusion of three Toa. The Toa Nui has never made a canon appearance, so there have been many attempts by fans to create one.

This competition will be to create an Okoto Toa Nui using the Toa sets from 2015. I’ve seen plenty of MOCs of Akamai and Wairuha for 2015, so now it’s time to fuse all six Toa Okoto.


1 - Must use pieces from all six Toa Okoto.

2 - You do not have to use ALL the pieces from ALL the sets. (Not even the 2001 Toa Kaitas do that. Also, many of the sets have the same pieces with different colors. Ex: Tahu’s swords and Kopaka’s shield)

3 - The winner of this competition must upload Building instructions for their MOC in order to get the prize so that all may benefit from his/her awesomeness. (Yes there will be a prize)

Rules up for discussion:

1 - Should there be a restricted piece count? That means the MOCs will be limited to the pieces, and piece counts, obtained from one complete set of the Toa Okoto. No extra pieces.

2 - Can pieces from the Protectors be used? (Namely, the pieces the Toa get from the Protectors in the combo models.)

3 - How long should this contest last? (Currently, I’m posting July 31st as the ending date.)

4 - Any suggestion for judges? (Currently I’m the only definite judge.)

5 - Can the trans-gold mask from the summer wave be used?


First, remember that this contest is mainly for fun, but yes there will be a prize. The prize will be a Nuva Cube misprint. (And we know how Bionicle fans love misprints.) In my “Nuva Cube (3D printing)” I had several misprints created from the 3D Printer; one of them will be the prize. (Note: These misprints are warped by nature in some way. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

This will be the prize:

I found I could compensate the flaw by balancing it on one corner, which also gives it a really cool look.


didn't think they'd still be doing this...

...either way I can't enter, don't have any parts for this

yes. the six toa.

they don't get them in the animations, so I'd say no.

that gives some people an unfair advantage,
the summer wave doesn't come out in NA till august so, I'd say no.


i think that as long as pieces are only used from the toa, there shouldn't be a piece count restriction.

I think less people would be able to enter because not everyone has every set, so I wouldn't recommend allowing protector pieces

sounds fine

sure i guess, but lots wont have them yet

So what is the deal if you win? do we have to pay for shipping? where do you ship to?

I'd love to do it,but sadly i don't have all 6 toa ;n;

I have the whole wave! It cost a lot to buy all of them though...


tell me about it...
has the entire wave, 9 doubles and 3 pohatu.


I would pay for shipping.



time to buy tahu

and a new kopaka

No but really, this sounds legit.


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I may not be Slime, but I can tell ya.
first, you type [s] then ya write whatever ya wanna cross-out, then ya type [/s] and it'll look like this.
I hope this helped.


i was wondering for ssssssoooooooo long alien cop man_with_turban cat
thank you

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well, I found the instructions for my toa, so I'll start on this soon.




do we post our entrys in this topic? or make a new one


Hm...I'm intrigued. I'll just need to get my hands on Onua.

Anyways, as for the rules you put up for debate...

Limiting it to just the six Toa should be fine. Nothing more or less than those six, IMO.

I say no, bad idea.

The end of July sounds good, assuming you'll be opening it by July 1st at the latest.

It's your contest, so I see no reason to object to you being the judge. However, more opinions are always welcome, and the mods are a good group to pick more judges from. @legomaster1378 or @Nyran are my personal recommendations, but of course you'll have to ask them.

Also no.
Let's keep this among just the Toa.
Use of the trans-mask gives an aesthetic advantage to some people.

A question I'd like to pose is this: would people be allowed to build anything to represent the Toa Nui, or does it have to be humanoid? 'Cuz...personally I think giving people full creative control under the set piece limit will lead to more interesting results by the end.


I'd be down to clown till I'm dead in the ground


I actually think this contest sounds really neat and would've loved to enter. However, I'm not gonna have access to my G2 sets during July. So I won't be able to enter, but would be more then happy to serve as a judge! =)


Things up to this point:

Pieces will be limited to the six Toa.

Pieces from the Protectors will not be allowed.

The ending date will be July 31st.

Mask obtained outside of the six Toa sets will not be allowed. This includes the trans-gold masks and the clear Hau from Comic-Con.

I'll be posting the another Topic for the contest on July 1st. (or June 30th; about then)

If there a lot of entries I will likely opt for multiple judges. Judges can not be picked if they are also a contestant. Current Judge suggestions are: @legomaster1378 and @legomaster1378

Now I'm really curious to see what you'll do. Personally I think a Humanoid or Semi-Humanoid would best represent the Toa Nui. Now I'm thoughting about allowing people two submission, but that might become an unfair advantage.

Any more suggestions???


u wot m8


Perhaps I have a maniacal clone running around the Boards... :stuck_out_tongue:

As for other judges, I recommend simply picking people who seem to have a lot of high quality MOCers on the Boards. Now, I haven't spent much time in the CC category recently so I can't really single any out (maybe @Chro and @RaggedClaws might be interested)