Toa Nuparu Revamp

As the title says, this is a Nuparu revamp! This is what I imagine Nuparu could have looked like more based on his matoran form, rather than his Inika/Mahri form. I tried to focuse on orange and gray as the primary colors, rather than orange and black.

I wanted to make something larger than a regular Toa, since I’m really tierd of making regular sized Toa. I also try for the most part to use early gen1 parts or throwbot parts, since those are the best looking in my opinion.

So what do you think? Any feedback is appreciated feedback! :relaxed:

More pictures can be found here


Very interesting. I like the more robotic look that you went for, and the torso is really good!


tbh, it looks like Nuparu made a mech suit, so he could be called a toa XD


Pierce the heavens with your drill!

Looks like a mech suit, sadly you can’t remove the pilot.


His are the drills that will pierce the heavens.

Joking aside, this is a pretty cool MOC! I love that it stays true to what the character originally looked like in Matoran form, but with added flair.

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I would find smaller drills, but I like what you’ve done.

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Nuparu never struck me as the powerhouse of the Inika/Mahri, but I still really like the design of this MOC.


I guess the boxer wasn’t good enough to battle against the Bohrok.


@RaptorTalon Thanks! it’s the robotic feel that makes Bionicle cool, right :wink: ?

I considered making it a mech, but making a cool looking torso that also fits a matoran is super hard.

yes, the drills are a bit large. But without the Dark gray part the would be very small, not sure if I can think of a solution to that.

And thank you everyone for the feedback, I really do appreciate it! :blush:

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I love the look of the gray and orange (btw joined today)


Thank you! Welcome to the message boards! :grin:

He looks ready to take on the GSR…


Nuparu was beheaded, they threw away the body, then glued the head to a mech suit. At least, that’s what I’m thinking of… I’m really weird.


That is AWESOME!!! He has my 2nd favorite mask (I know its from the matoran Nuparu), he has a really unusual (in a good way) color scheme, and he’s super complex (at least for my standards) ! Beautiful! Nuparu’s so cool, he didn’t die like the creepy NSA cult member Matoro in '07!!! (GET REKT!!!) I love this moc!:grin:

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A little… exaggerated, but still great!

I really like the old style look of your MOCs.

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The upper arms are a bit odd, but I otherwise like it.

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I don’t like the color for some reason. I mean, it’s a decent moc but I personally don’t like the color, as it’s too bright for me.

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@EvilLobsterKing He is ready to take on everything :wink:

@Sushiyoda Maybe that’s what happened? who knows

@Hautaka Thanks a lot! Glad you like it :blush:

@Altair I can see what you mean. This is my first time making a MOC this large, so I don’t have a lot of experience making custom torsos and limbs yet. I will most likely never stop using the old style :stuck_out_tongue:

@Hutere Yes they are, I ran out of pieces and patience. But I don’t think they are odd enough to bother redesigning them.

@Ninjanicktf The only other solution I see is making him black and orange, but I have tried to stay away from black lately since other colors are more interesting.


As if one drill was not enough to scare an enemy, now he got two. Mata Nui protect us.

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Very nice! I really love your early-BIONICLE style. The colours work very well and the weapons are super ingenious. Also, yay! You’re photos look much better with that new background. :slight_smile:

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