Toa Nuva Gali Revamp

Say hello to a labor of love that took up most of my day today, Toa Nuva Gali:
(It gets better as ya scroll through the responses, I promise.)

Some shots on how here feet work:

Inside shot of the torso, which took me 3-5 hours to make: (I’m not great with making custom torsos.)

And an inside shot of the legs:

Lastly, some action shots:

That’s all for now, and I hope ya like it.
'Cause if not, then there went my Friday. :smile:



her arms are really long, and the shaping is not very good.

that’s all I can really say.

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I like it even though it’s a little messy

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The colors seem oddly placed. Its pretty good other than that.

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Her arms are long, and it might need a bit more mata blue. Good MOC though

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The MOC looks alright, but the arms are too long, and the legs and arms look a bit too cluttered.

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The white is an interesting addition, but I like it

That’s amazing for something you could make in a day.

On the issue of the arms, I did redesign them afterwards.

As for the white, I used that in place of the silver Nuva armor.

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It looks pretty messy

A bit cluttered and the arms are too long. The hand placement looks odd.

There, that’s a little better.
I’ll change the teal on the back of her thighs to grew sometime down the line.
Also, the reason for the lack of Mata blue is that, well, I don’t have too much of it. I have more Metru blue than Mata blue.

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I hate to say it, but it looks complex for the sake of being complex. I think it looks a little too robotic in nature (exposed frames, pins, joints). Maybe covering up the technic areas. Some system plates could work.

It’s mostly the lower legs with this issue.


Ok, time to hunt down some pin-to-stud parts.

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The only issue with this is WHY IS THERE SOOO MUCH WHITE?! and that the shoulders seem slightly low to me.

The white is replacing the Nuva armor’s silver, @Toa_Watau. Yea, I have more of the Nuva shoulder armor pieces in white than in silver.

Bionicle stars Takanuva, 2015 Kopaka, Kurahk, Toa metru Nuju?

LEGO Sports sets.
Primarily the hockey players.

Oh. Ok. What year were they from?

Dunno, got them at a garage ■■■■■■■■■■■ shop.

Massive 4 pack of em