Toa Odium, cursed Toa of stone. Upgrad 2.0

NOTE: FIRST ATTEMPTS AT A CUSTOM BIOFORMER THIS FIGURE IS PRIMARILY MADE OUT OF LIGHT GRAY DARK GRAY AND AXON’S OF LIGHT RED PARTS Odium was one of seven matoren that where rescued from the realm of karzahni, and the primary reason these six where rescued was because of how karzahni rebuilt the six of them. Three of them can turn into an Rahi like being’s and the others where more vehicle like. He also distorted their colors so they couldn’t be easily recognize by other matoren. Not only that but the Toa of fire is the first female Toa of fire in this alternate universe. Only five team members are still alive. The Toa of earth was eaten by zombie Botar. His remains are *“Unknown” *. When Odium was created, he and the other’s of his team where physically affected by their own elemental powers. As such his outer layer of his body is covered in a unknown type of stone. He has the ability of a sweeping Angel. But sometimes he can break through this part of his curse.

One of the main things to know is that his true loyalty is not to the order of mata nui. But to the great being that enslaves him. This means if Helryx doesn’t do something like she’s supposed to he has direct orders to kill her.

This is what I call his proto visorak horror. This animal-like form allows him to crawl on the ceilings of caves and other’s’. Karzahni was trying to make him look like the subterranean Visorak.

Hope you all enjoy, I will be making more of them when I can.


Interesting. I really like how you made the upper torso, it really sells the BioFormer concept with those curved Technic parts.

Would it be possible to have his feet fold up in his Rahi mode so that they look like claws (or meld with the lower legs a bit more)? Currently they stand out a bit with their current placing. Other than that, I don’t see any issues with the design, and I will be very interested in seeing your other designs!


I am trying to do exactly that with out going to big. I’m thinking about putting the arachnic leg part it self in the back heal.


I just upgraded the feet so they look more natural. I hope you all enjoy this upgrade.


That’s really good! As before, I love his transformation. It’s much different from the usual bioformers I’ve seen.


@DuneToa The trickier part was making the moc stable enough to stand in it’s Rahi form. So I used a new technique I learned on the spot using Rahkshi parts to Make the frame more hollow.


@captain_subtle what do you think of my intake on a Bioformer?

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I just recently upgraded it so when in its Visorak horror form. It now covers up the head a lot more and transforms into a spider somewhat like behind fused to the body but it also splits apart and stores into the back with ease.

Odium vs Baterra.

Hope you all enjoy :grin::+1: