toa of air

hi here is my toa of air(currently name-less) he is part of my toa team in the making please leave a comment telling me what you think (the body is based off of Kemzal’s you tube video) here is a link to the leader of his team

here is him with his training visor

and his back


I moved this topic to lego creations.

just a reminder that when you want to post a moc, its best to put in lego creations, its this sites way of organizing whats what

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I like this, especially the custom torso, which has some nice detail. In my opinion, the legs may be a little too short for the body. The neck also looks a little long when this MOC wears his “training visor” but the neck looks far more normal when the MOC has Gresh’s mask.

thanks for the feedback

I like the moc, but, his legs look like rectangles with texture. Great torso

Legs are a tad short, try lengthening them.

The neck area is quite skinny and could be bulked up more
The shoulders are a bit too low and look weird
The legs are too long and look too disproportionate for my liking
But other than that it looks like a good moc with a nice mix of CCBS and gen 1 bionicle pieces.

P.S Do you have any black axial pieces. It really distracts from the moc and colour of the moc.