Toa of fire and poison MOC

I made a toa of both poison and fire. I also need help for a name.

Front view

The silver avohkii does sort of break the color scheme but I don't really have many masks.

Back view

The daggers on the back can be used as secondary weapons.

I hope you like it, I don't have a camera so I had to take pictures with a 3ds.
Some constructive criticism would be nice!


I believe you should have some symmetry with the armor, and just... make it bigger. The Avohkii breaks the colorscheme and so does all of the black being used.


I recommend working on the color distribution. You should also ditch the black bones/armor. What CCBS armor shells do you currently have at your disposal?

The only chest armor I have is black and gun metal and the only bones I have are black, I can fix the rest of the black though.
@Takua I can replace the Avohkii with a stars hau. And I'm kinda limited with my ccbs parts so I can't really make it bigger.

I like red and green together but I think clear green is a little strange


Can't really see much of a MOC in this seeing as it's literally just a CCBS build with an Avohkii slapped on. Concept is cool...execution is a bit on the weak side. I'm a bit iffy on the color distribution, but that's nitpicky.

Please don't take that as an insult. I haven't seen your collection. I don't know what you have. I'm just noting that it's a very basic build.

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I know, this is just a concept.

Colour could use some distribution and if you want to keep the colour scheme good you could just add some silver on him to make it one of his colours. That's what I always do.

Anyways, I like the moc and the idea.

Nice moc and keep on mocing.

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Cool idea with have 2 elements I would recommend fixing the symmetry with the amour colours but not the actual shapes otherwise keep on mocing smiley -)

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Fire and poison, very interesting combo.

Now I recommend getting a metric crap ton of bionicle parts and going nuts with them. There is potential for this idea.