Toa of Ice MOC

This is not really anything special design wise but I really like his style and appearance. All comments and criticisms welcome, thanks for viewing!


You seem to have a thing for box torsos, long necks, and scrawny limbs…


This neck as well? I guess so then lol. I am really looking forward to getting back home with all my pieces and working to the potential I am used to. I have a few more Mocs I’ve built here you can give your thoughts on too.

eh, I like the bottom torso design; but the rest falls flat.

Aside from the neck and arm issue, everything else need improvement if possible.

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eh, i would try finding a new body/arm build or connection, its a bit of a trend sadly…

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I gotta say, you got the concept but I think if you made the upper body much wider it would help with the proportions. Also giving it some shoulder armor around the arms that spilt around the neck would help with the neck issue.
Keep going with this one, I really like the weapon and the vibe it has the potential to get.