Toa of Magnetism MOC (with actual magnets!)

Gave the design a final (minor) update, see the three first photos.


Nice, great moc! Are those magnets just stuck to each other and that’s how they attach?


An actual Toa of Magnetism! Also the moc is very nice


Something like that although some are actually inside a pin hole held in place by a round stud on either side of the pinhole (both lower arms). Others are held in place by attaching magnets on one side and metal objects on the other side of a limb (lower legs). The magnetic field is strong enough to work through the plastic and hold the objects on the other side in place. And then there is the speartip where it is indeed a mixture of magnets and metals that stick together.


are they lego magnets?


Smart :slight_smile: never actually seen anyone use magnets on a moc before, that honestly could have some pretty useful practical use as well. Hmmm

@Enbeanie I don’t think Lego use neodymium magnets since they are so strong. Dunno if you remember the stories in the late 90s of kids swallowing them and it supposedly causing some nasty internal injuries.


No unfortunately not. I bought them from a Dutch webshop specialized in magnets (about $15 for 24 magnets including shipping). Sadly there is a very limited supply in LEGO magnets (that could be used here).

Thanks and absolutely, there are many uses!

They are strong indeed. The ones I used are just 3mm and 5mm sphere magnets and 4Ømm by 4mm cylinder magnets for in the pin holes (all neodymium). But if you’re carefull and store them safely you should be good to go.