Toa of plasma, Toro the return.

To those who saw one One of my posts that his mask fractured into multiple pieces when it hit the ground. I spent the longest time trying to fix it but just decided to recreate a new one and put the red garnet into that one. Note I made the mask as accurate as the original but if you can tell It sits a bit crooked on his face now but it is hardly noticeable.

Toro now has two blades of plasma his design has also open upgraded as well.
The Lore behind his Trident: the Trident of transmutation allows it’s user to transform them self’s into a aquatic being of the water. Although the being may not be able to bend water if they’re not a total of water still allowing them to breathe under the waves. The Trident also allows the user to fly in the air effortlessly. It only takes toa as it’s wielder others it has a known curse that kills everything accept the one who’s worthy of it. This Trident and came from an alternate universe version of Tuyet which was given to the toa kanohi of water. Now Toro has the Trident that allows him to use his plasma energy underwater to its full capacity. The Trident is also made with remnants of nuni stone.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting updates on ferrum the toa of iron/the iron golem.


ah nice
that mask is beautiful and i like the arms on this guy