Toa of Spaghetti [EDGYBUTSFW]

Guys dis is da toa of spagetti it is edgy to watch out m8s

Ther u go it waz rejeecdted @ lego gallery for not bein "lego related"


dats why i quit

On a serious note, this is a Bionicle flying spaghetti monster


Eh, Come get me when someone actually makes a MOC of the FSM in either the CCBS, or just Bionicle technic. That'd be cool

Looks more like Tren Krom tried to make himself into pasta.


AH giurgasgo
what is that! why is that! what is that hideous monstorisity! why is it here! it looks like a mix of karzahni and spaghetti, oh well if you want this hideous creature it will be least it has free shipping

Spaghetti is a good food to eat so I'd buy it for 14.99, if it was bigger and only the finest spaghetti. ~Pyrox

No, this IS what Tren Krom looks like. stuck_out_tongue

There is actually a flying spaghetti monster cult.