Toa of Tomorrow: Infinity Crisis: 1 - The Atom

So yeah. I am making a series that may or may not be posted regularly.
Just some quick info, it is inspired by Marvel and DC, each in their own ways, with my own twists, and of course, Bionicle! Some references will be obvious, and some will not. Just spot the references, and at the end, I'll congratulate you, and maybe give out a prize.

Main Characters:
Anthony Leavens / The Atom

Equipment: Armor: Fire Claw; Jet Boosters.

Chapter 1

10 years ago...

Anthony woke up, his first day of being the CEO of Leavens Corp. It was a company that brought new ways of making genius ideas happen, most by him or Ace. One such weapon was the Removable Fire Instrument, or R.F.I. His Dad sometimes remarked that Anthony could be a better version of his old man if he wasn't so bad with procrastination. He would wink after such statements, than walk off, picking up a duotang, portfolio, or binder, usually full of paper needing signatures.

Then that fateful event, two nights ago, happened. The thought made Anthony shudder. He was in the very car where his parents died. His Dad slumped onto the steering wheel, blood pouring out of his head. Anthony unbuckled, shrunk to the floor, and prayed that he would be saved. A bang broke through the glass above him, than a women screamed, slowly becoming quieter, until it stopped, with a thump nearby. Nothing happened after that for who knows how long. Than a siren could be heard. It somehow lulled him to sleep.

Fully awake now, he poured some Lucky Charms into a bowl, than some milk. He ate quickly, but not a drop of milk was on his mouth. He dressed up in his fourth best designer suit, favorite tie, and comfiest pants. He had a feeling it was going to be a long day.

Modern Day

Anthony Leavens. World famous philanthropist, doctor of war, and CEO of a weapons manufacturer. The company he ran was still Leavens Corp., but it didn't have the same spirit the one from 10 years ago had. His employees changed every month, older engineers of probably 5 months going away, and newer engineers coming in to work under the great Anthony Leavens!

He was in a convoy, deep in... a Asian desert.
"Where are we again?" The company owner asked, still holding true to his mannerisms.
The soldier responded with a grunt, "Afghanistan."
"'K, thanks." The Jeep rumbled across the roughly paved road.

An explosion sounded. The car in front stopped, missing it's front half.
"Mr. Leavens, I'll ask you to get out and take cover!"
"Roger roger." He imitated a Battle Droid from a not-so-classic oldie named, 'Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace', than doing what the military person asked.
"Uh..." Anthony turned his head slowly. A sphere with his company's logo landed right next to the billionaire. "Nononononononononononon--"
The world went dark.

So, Comments and Criticism are appreciated.
What do you think of what I am attempting? Are you feeling sympathetic?


The Iron Man references are off the charts. Good story.

Guess who my Iron Man is? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that's it? /s

Thank you for your compliment. It is deeply appreciated.

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Chapter 2

There was someone above him.
"Are you alright, Mr. Leavens?"
"Shuddup, S.O.L."
"Who is this... Sol?"
Panic took over. "Where am I? Who are you? Whaddo you want?"
"Calm down. I am... Oliver Queen... I think..."
"No way. You are not from Starling City." The philanthropist hesitated. "Are you?"
"I think so. Anyways, we need to get out of here."

Something was being banged on. Oliver blabbed some weird language. He was blabbed back in the same language. "What is being said? Who banged on the... thing?"
"You really are not used to being blind while you recover." Queen patiently stated.
"No, I am not." Anthony responded happily.
"Anyways, they want you to make your latest weapon."
"What, my Fire Tossing Bomber Unit? No thanks."
"They'll kill us." Oliver responded harshly.
":musical_note: How could this happen to--"
"Fine." Anthony groaned, got up, steadied himself.

Over the course of 3 months, in a cool montage, Anthony made... not the F.T.B.U.
"What are you doing?" The DC character asked.
"Getting us out of here, while using my latest weapon."
Mr. Leavens eyes, now healed, darted to the door.
"ہم اب بھی اس پر کام کر رہے ہیں!"(We are still working on it!)
"تیزی سے اس پر کام کرتے ہیں!"(Work on it faster!)
"اچھا ٹھیک ہے."(OK, fine.) Oliver muttered.

The ground shook. Oliver stepped back, and met a metal surface. He hesitantly looked up.
"'Sup, bro?" The metal man spoke.

Why will no one answer?


Chapter 3

"So sorry. Thought you would recognize it."
"Anthony? That's you?"
"Yup." The suit responded, Anthony Leavens inside. "Now let's bust some Afghan butt!"
"!ریڈ آل - ڈراونا آدمی! ڈراونا آدمی" One of the speakers of the Urdu language yelled.
":musical_note: Sp00ky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine." Anthony sang to himself, amused at the fear the Afghan had.

He got out, with a bang.
"Hey, Oliver, you comin'?"
"No thanks."
"Bu... but you said we were getting out."
"I don't wanna get out. I wanna get to my family." Oliver pointed up.
"'K. Seeya."

One epic montage of Anthony winning, than getting home later, he proclaimed:
People were, of course, shocked. "Is this the Stark Leavens we know? Or has he changed as a man?"
He was interviewed by reporters, harassed by friends, congratulated by employees, and listened to by the public.

The billionaire thought grimly, How did they get my weapons?

Sorry for the shorter chapter. I am having a brain fart, and @PinkFluffyNyran is harassing me to watch a Mahvel Movie.