Toa Okua moc UPDATE

Toa Okua is a Toa of stone, and nicknamed the armory for his many weapons and ways of storing them. He was a crafter as a matoran, and will carve runes or simple drawings into his amour and weapons. (Some new changes include new weapons, replaced axes with poison daggers, and switches swords on his back. A thornax launcher has been added. I am not sure what to do as a main weapon ideas are accepted. Other than that some new amour on his shins, forarms, and some spikes to fill pinholes. Anything white or blue is waiting for a color change and I will swishy to a brown mask of speed that will macht color.)

NOTE I will work on this charater as this is what I have made so far suggestions are always accepted.


Simple but I like it. Maybe remove the open pins with spikes and paint some of the pieces different colors and you’d be golden. Or should I say tan? Badumtiss. Eh, anyone?


Thanks for the idea and I will use the spikes but prolly not paint my parts. That is one thing I tend to stay out of

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whoa…armed to the teeth I see. He must be very slow with all that gear weighing him down :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not really I plane to add the mask of endurance to him, plus he does not need to walk. He can teleport!

It looks fine, if a bit cluttered. Try removing some of the extra armor and remove some of the extra colors (the moc has yellow, silver, brown, tan, gunmetal, dark gold, blue, black, grey, and light grey). I recommend figuring out which colors work best, and use them.

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Thanks I will work with the colors

I think you should change the Vorox feet. They don’t look like Toa feet.

I would but do not have Toa feet in the right color.

You can use the Metru Feet in Brown or Silver!

Mabey, I will try that for my next update.

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I think that the colors look much better, and it looks much less cluttered than before. Nice work!

Thanks still working hard on it!

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Can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

Well mabey some weapon changes, brown torso armor and a better main weapons, and to top that off a new mask! I am really excited.

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