Toa Payinku: Knight of Plasma

I’ve made a new incarnation of the toa version of my self-moc.

And of course, his weapons can store on his backpack.

(Can’t be bothered to put up a backdrop.)

Before you say anything, I like the shoulders how they are, and I know the torso isn’t amazing.


I like it, getting a very plasma Nuva vibe from the gunmetal.

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I do too!!! This is a great MOC I love all of it! I also like his weapon! It looks so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
Also realized I can make you say anything I want MWHAHAHAHAHA!!! lol


My word, the torso is amazing.

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Actually pretty good, although lower arms are meh.

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thanks, all.

[quote=“Keravnos, post:2, topic:15073”]
getting a very plasma Nuva vibe from the gunmetal.
[/quote]huh, didn’t realise the lighting was that bad, unless you mean the backs of his shins, that’s silver. :wink:

[quote=“RedHuna101, post:3, topic:15073”]
Galidor is the best

literally the only part that is basic ccbs

I felt they didn’t need to be any different.


Those things in the knees look kinda odd but apart from that, this is solid!

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No!!! Now I must commit Seppuku!!! lol

Engage: speedcritique
Method: bottomup

slizer feet on knees should be inverted
thighs are cool
awkward and non-colorscheming stomach
nice torso
uniter shoulder armor hipster
Bohrok eyes on arms are weird
pieces on backs of forearms serve no purpose
noncolorscheming hands
“meh” weapons
Very fat back
empty backs of shins

and this has been speedcritique

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Pretty good, but I still prefer the Matoran version.

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Amazing! I love it! :smiley:

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I have a horrible image in my head of your self-MOC dancing this because of the upsidedown torso/leg armor you gave him.

He’s pretty great aside from that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like this a lot!

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lookin nice yink!

He’s pretty awesome.
except for the lower legs.

This is a good MOC, great job.

This is amazing!

im not going to lie, the moc without the weapons is really nice looking but, the shield (or thats what i think it is) attached to the left arm sticks out a little to much, I can see a lower arm mounted weapon theme going on but it should be connected even close then having it look like I can kick it off. The weapons attached to backpack looks a bit awkward when you look at it from the side, it looks like it may need to be attached from in or between the torso and the backpack. All in all the moc looks decent but the shield and weapon storage my need to be tinkered with.